Sheriff Of Nottingham steals property at Misson Springs outside Doncaster.

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Where’s Robin Hood? Come on down to the camps, all you Merry Men. You’re needed to save your land and your homes.

The Sheriff’s men are on the land without a warrant, or permission from the landowner to be there.  They just lie their way in, and bluff it out.  Then go very quiet when challenged.  Video above.

Sergeant Martin Severn 2524 – the patsy Police officer claiming the pallets were stolen, without any paperwork.  No name given of the supposed victim of the theft of the pallets.  The pallets were actually supplied by a legitimate pallet dealing company boss.  His property is now being destroyed by the Police.  Police are here fabricating false information, while they carry out the Sheriff’s work.

Where are the Merry Men?  NO seriously.  England only ever became a half decent country to live in, because heroes like Robin Hood were willing to challenge the unbridled power of the Sheriff using his goons to steal their property.  Nothing’s changed in a thousand years.  We need enough men and women today, willing to outnumber these chickenshit goons in yellow jackets, not one of whom could muster a GCSE between them.  Evil is the same as it always was – dumb.  It understands only one thing – defeat by someone determined to stop their little games.  Get down and beat these idiots out of that field – not with violence but with numbers that intimidate and put them at a disadvantage.

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Do people want to live in a country where this shit is happening, where Policemen have become barefaced crooks?  By their very absence it appears that the Merry Men are too weak and not bothered to even show up.  It’s time to regrow some cahones and get into the game, lads and lasses.  It’s your kids’ futures that’s at stake here, as well a gasfield and all the toxicity it will bring and destruction of your health and homes.  This is freedom or slavery.  Stand up and fight back.  Today!

Under Video –

Theft of Pallets from Misson Springs Protection Camp by CHEP, facilitated by Notts Police … No Warrant, No Permission to access the field & no PROOF of the theft as alleged by CHEP!

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The Police should give these back immediately or come up with proper paperwork.  They are no better than common thieves, acting illegally on behalf of their corporate masters.  They look sheepish as they carry out illegal orders from the Sheriff, as he steals property from his innocent citizens who are only trying to save their lands.

Here’s an earlier pallet fort built to defend a fracking site at Preston New Rd, Lancashire.  If Lancashire can turn out decent numbers of Merry Men & Women to battle the goons in yellow, then why can’t Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire?   Have they no stomach?


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