Sexual Identity Schooling: Fluidity Is The Future

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Sir Ian McKellen was on BBC R4 Today promoting his return to the stage playing Shakespeare’s King Lear role. BBC presenter Justin Flebb interviewed him, trying to get comment on the #MeToo meme and Kevin Spacey. McKellen sounds a reasonable, polite and pleasant chap, but yet again he and the BBC were pushing the on-going issue of sexual identity politics. I worked for several years in Soho, London plus within the music, film and TV world. I have seen some things. I have dealt with and managed men approaching me as a younger fresh faced chap. I dealt with it with humour and if necessary, by standing my ground and forcibly keeping unwanted advances at bay. I do not see the need to join #MeToo.

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Everyday, we are served up the ever present campaign for non binary and gender fluid identity politics. I am not convinced we should be taking this issue to school children.

McKellen takes his experience and knowledge to schools,
“The schools I go to adhere to the rule of law: you may not discriminate on grounds of sexuality….
Fluidity is the future…. the world will be changing beautifully.”

OK, PG alert! I do wonder about the safety of anal sex. This campaign within schools in effect includes the issue of insertion of the penis into the bottom. A much missed friend, art critic Biran Sewell, enjoyed this activity. Indeed, he once described a rape experience in the army as almost enjoyable. I really liked Brian and really miss his council and voice on the radio. Brian was never obsessed with pushing sexual identity, though he was an easily identifiable character. My attitude is each to their own. However, the anus is designed for waste emission and not necessarily internal insertion. I know, an uncomfortable subject, but this is being introduced to school children. I feel it is too much too soon and it smacks of cultural Marxism. Isn’t it a fact of nature that we do have male female, ying yang, positive negative? Sure, there are hybrids and mixtures, but why categorise one thing or another being good or bad or of more significance than it need be?

There is a larger agenda at play here and it should be addressed

On the surface, the Ian McKellen interview seemed genial, pleasant, cultured, even normal, but, I felt there was a but. Anyway, just a thought…

I wonder if Ian Mckellen looks like Jeremy Corbyn here… ‘To be or not to be Corbyn… ‘ said King Lear.


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