Sex To Be Redundant As We Grow Human Beings

UK-€U Military Common Purpose
Franco British co-operation
Foreign policy, defence and development




The United Kingdom wants to build a new, deep and special partnership with the European Union

Russiagate Christopher Steele

Do not say mankind anymore!
Evelyn Telfer…. University of Edinburgh
James Gallagher twit… it would be legal to fertilise.
Women working for Wellcome Trust ‘earn 21% less than men’ on average… “It would be legal to fertilise one of the lab-made eggs to create an embryo for research purposes in the UK.”

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and David Scott for today’s news …

START – A Common Purpose: Britain and France are now one country…?
06:14 – Franco-British Council: PwC now involved in military decisions
11:05 – Russia ‘gate’: Christopher Steele – hero or hired gun…?
15:46 – Finance: Bank of England – interest rates to rise…crash coming…?
19:55 – Washington Times: George Soros creating disruption across the globe
24:39 – Scotland not immune: Scotland ‘selected’ for open government…
29:41 – Ex-Met detective child abuse whistleblower: walk donations rising
30:33 – Fresh Start Foundation update: future roadshow dates
31:55 – Demand for probe into SNP ‘meddling’ in Freedom of Information cases
34:55 – Scottish Police Chief Constable Gormley tenders his resignation
37:04 – Charles Howeson trial: media only allowed to report trial date
37:39 – Political Correctness goes mad: mention of mankind no longer allowed…?
39:09 – World End of Women Day…? Human eggs grown in laboratory…


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