Safe Spaces & Transphobic Environmental Upset

Is Jordan Peterson a psychological operation TAP? If so, to what end? Just more fodder for our energy and attention? His story has certainly done the rounds. I’ve listened to him and enjoy his commentary, operation or not; better than the BBC R4 Today’s Thought Fart For The Day.
The political spectrum is obsessed with left and right, a divide and rule model; particularly the ‘left’ is mad raving loony nuts. Just using the term left or right risks being baited by a political identity trap. Political correctness is a disease; the upset of one person is projected as the responsibility of  words or thoughts by another.

The student’s university alleged an offense by the student for sharing a programme from public TV. The complaint was made by the university’s diversity and equity official. I ask, is that actually a job? A paid job? The student was accused of violating human rights code. The student was accused of violating the university’s gender violence and sexual assault policy…. by proxy of showing Dr. Peterson’s views, she created a transphobic environment. Cultural Marxism at its best? Thank goodness we beat Hitler to maintain our freedoms; didn’t we? Or did the central fractional banking system merely fund more theatre, smoke and mirrors?

I am observing the identity an gender political debate is back-firing on those using it as a weapon. TAP, as a follower of the BBC – it’s my perverse sense of entertainment – the relentless political correctness that is paid for by the taxpayer and pours into our community, must be checked or it could invade and over take common sense completely. Peterson does present a calm counter balance to this relentless onslaught e.g. the BBC will call Trump racist as matter of fact almost daily and ‘climate change’ is perpetually voiced as a real done deal human made threat and supported by ‘the 97% of scientists’ claim. As Crowder and Peterson infer, being compared to Hitler has become so ridiculous, instead of the worst slight it is becoming more of a badge of honour.

Jordan Peterson and the student Lindsay Shepherd finally meet on Louder with Crowder

Lindsey & Jorodn on Twitter:

Dr. Peterson is an operation? None the less, an interesting take:
Jordan Peterson On The Illuminati:

Peterson analyses symbology: you are mortal and limited. Accept the suffering that is part of being? Watch and listened to Peterson say:
“… the person who is has most authority is the person who has voluntarily accepted the suffering the part of being… you are mortal and limited”


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