Ron Paul & 21st Century Wire On Syria

The propaganda against Syria from the BBC is one sided to say the least: we are good, Assad is bad. The UK ‘regime’ policy rocks on. Their arguement falls short over and over again. The recent fall from grace of Brendan Cox is another broken link in their chain as he has been a frequent voice for the over throw of Assad.

Imagine, dream, fantasise if Ron Paul had been given a fair platform during his last presidential run. His presidency may well have saved millions of lives. His economic policy may have lifted the living standards of millions…. yeah, I know, and pigs might fly.

Ron Paul says that the Syrian Army is defeating radical jihadist rebels in Ghouta, an enclave near Damascus, yet the United Nations is painting Syrian President Assad as a killer of children. When the Syrian Army forced ISIS out of Aleppo, the media accused them of atrocities, but citizens eagerly returned to their homes, proving that the media was lying. This analysis covers many additional topics that make it well worth watching. -GEG

UN’s Syria Propaganda Stunt


A Breakdown of the Coming Battle for East Ghouta

The Battle for East Ghouta will be a defining one for this seven year-long war in Syria. It will be a long painful affair, but we can expect western mainstream news outlets like CNN, The Guardian, NBC, Washington Post and New York Times to be cheering for al Qaeda terrorists embedded there.

Presenter Kevork Almassian form Syriana Analysis explains the battle for East Ghouta, shedding light on the history of the war in the area and the imminent battle that is coming in the upcoming days. Watch:


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