The Prime Poisoner and her Prozac nation.

Victory at Kirby Misperton.

Third Energy operating on the brink of insolvency, have been sent on their way.  Yet nothing about this will appear in the main media.  The BBC is losing licence payers as fast as Centrica is using retail customers.  Why pay to watch propaganda?  Cut the connection.  Get rid of broadcast live TV in your house.


The Sun and Mail had a 5.1 million print run under Cameron.  Now they run only 2.8 million.  Nearly halved.  People are heading for the internet where they can find numerous sources giving true information.  Ian Crane has been blocked on Facebook for eight days now.  His Youtube counter seems to be controlled at a round 1000 per video.  The story is getting out there, however, and the government and the industry know it and don’t like it.

Last week the media was pushing a campaign to get people onto anti-depressants.  SSRI – anti-depressants are massive in the UK, the highest of any European country.  Prozac and Ritalin are huge.   Doctors will usually probe people who say they are feeling unwell, for willingness to have their brains dulled using these drugs.  Very profitable but not too healthy or the right thing to be doing – to say the least.  Doctors don’t want to stop their nice standard of living and so do what they are told to do.

The Prime Poisoner and her Prozac nation.

Sociopaths like The Prime Poisoner are in full support of this appalling strategy to control the population with drugs.

She supports the violence being used by the Police against peaceful demonstrators at fracking sites.  Fracking is another strategy enjoying The Prime Poisoner’s full support, its effects being to render land unable to be used for agriculture for hundreds of years, and make tens of thousands people ill, many to die.  Just look at the reports from Northern California, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Southern Queensland.  When doctors talk of the severe respiritory and circulatory diseases resulting from the unconventional gas industry in these areas, their careers are destroyed.  But still there are a few brave enough to speak out.  Not all doctors are worms seeking maximum payment for poisoning their patients.

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.

INEOS (Jim Ratcliffe) is overriding democratic process everywhere.  He’s looking to ban all peaceful protests, using ‘Justice’ Morgan to support his requirements, issuing an injunction to stop demonstrators from peaceful actions designed to slow down the frackers.   Joe Boyd and Jo Corrie are trying to fight the INEOS injunction.  Joe Boyd needs funding.  ‘INEOS and You’ is touring the North – near Driffield tonight.  Andy Georgiou is narrating the appalling track record of INEOS wherever they operate.

Barclays are guilty of funding Ineos.

Centrica are guilty of involvement in Cuadrilla, the frackers at Preston New Rd in Lancashire.

Move your business away from Barclays and Centrica.  You can also tagabarclays where you live.


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