On the cusp of a fracking nightmare. Tag a Barclays. Join the war to save Britain.

Kit is being moved around on Third Energy’s site at Kirby Misperton, indicating they are expecting an inspection any moment, and possibly the go ahead to create a fracking nightmare in North Yorkshire.  TE is a financial dog, propped up by Barclays Bank underwriting their losses.  Barclays Bank shares are falling.

Tag a Barclays.

If Barclays get out of the fracking business,  the war will be won, and Britain’s environment saved…..At least it would be an important victory.

The Police are being prioritised to oppose fracking demos, says The Sun newspaper, needing them to drop drugs enforcement and spend £12 million to date.  That will be as nothing if fracking actually begins, says Ian R Crane.

Strenshill Village Hall at 6.45 pm Yorkshire.  Event tomorrow night.  Please attend and understand the attack you are under from the corporations.

Nuclear dumping lies behind the fracking agenda.

The destruction of water resources.

The rendering of large tracts of countryside as uninhabitable.

Humanity On The Cusp

Ian R Crane is holding his conference AV9 in first weekend of May.   The magnitude of the assault on humanity requires us to join forces.  Fracking is only one of the attacks taking place.

Dr Graham Downing on artificial intelligence and the transhumance agenda.  Jon the dots.  300 people under one roof for one weekend looking at how humanity can regain sovereignty.   www.alternativeview.co.uk

If you near any of the front line protection camps, get down to Kirby Misperton, Preston New Rd, Leith Hill and Misson Springs, and lend your support.  We need boots on the ground.

‘Frak Krieg’! Target London.


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