Official White House Portrait: Obomba & Bush

I find it funny and rather bizarre that Obomba’s official White House portrait has him by a bush; not a Bush, but a hedge bush, but it does infer Bush.

A Bamy in the hand is worth two in the Bush? What else might be hiding in there Obomba? Larry Sinclair by any chance, or was that a book of fiction unlike the oh so reliable Fire & Fury? How’s Michael’s bush? It remains mind boggling that Obomba received a Nobel Peace Prize? That was pushing the imagination. Imagine if a white chap had painted a black beheading… where ever you hide Barak, Trump just keeps Tweeting; almost as if to say we can see you! As for Michelle, it’s mostly a portrait of a dress; a big dress.

When Bill Mitchell showed his guest Oliver McGee the portrait, Oliver could not believe it; he thought it was a joke and pulled a face a bit like this…

Your Voice America is currently blocked from YouTube because they support Trump, so I cannot show you Oliver’s reaction from the exact episode…. the channel is here:

The Obama portraits are different from the traditional Presidential portrayals; beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc. They remind me of Hockney.

Artist Who Painted Obama’s Portrait Is Known for Painting Black Women Cutting Off Heads of White Women:

Kehinde ‘Kill Whitey’ Wiley Does Presidential Portrait of Obama:


Thanks Jasper…
Did The Bigot Who “Painted” Obama’s Portrait Stick A Giant Sperm On His Forehead?


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