The Prime Poisoner stays silent, as The Rat plans to frack National Trust

INEOS is proposing to frack National Trust lands.

Jim ‘The Rat’ Ratcliffe is the owner of INEOS, his sidekick Tom Pickering.

Frack Free National Trust is now born, and will be getting support from millions of its members to stop this latest assault by The Sheriff of Frackingham.

Come on The Prime Poisoner.

Are you intending to stay silently on the sidelines as our national heritage is destroyed?

Do you want millions of people to get after your support of Jim Frackingham – ‘The Rat’, as he plans the demise of our heritage, our land, and the Northern peasantry?

Are you a politician?

What makes you believe you can survive the backlash that will be coming your way?

Why don’t you care?

Ian R Crane is aghast at the hubris of INEOS – and the silence of The Prime Poisoner.

Frack Free NT will have millions of supporters.

Another swathe of Merrie Men and Women will be joining Robin Hood (Ian Crane) down at his camps at Sherwood and elsewhere.  And those members of the public who are somehow still asleep will not be so very much longer.


Yesterday in court, Judge tries to take driving licence away from two anti-fracking campaigners, but when another AFC asks to have his driving licence taken away too, the judge backs down.  The corruption of the judges in this country is staggering, says Ian.  He used to have respect for the judiciary.  Not any more.  They are just tools of the corporations, same as the Police.

The truly staggering Arrogance & Hubris of Jim Ratcliffe & his ‘Leadership’ Team at INEOS appears to know no bounds! The announcement that INEOS will take the NATIONAL TRUST to Court, for access to conduct Seismic Testing, is an fundamental assault on the ‘Social Fabric’ of a Country that is now in the grip of ‘Sociopathic Corporatocracy’ … But ‘Jimbo’ Ratcliffe and his team of INEOS Sociopaths, under-estimate the fortitude of the people!

INEOS wins approval for High Court challenge to National Trust over shale gas testing in historic park

INEO$ – I Need Every One Sick


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  1. Belyi says:

    I’ve tried to post a message on my FB page with a link to Ian’s website and, although I’ve had a couple of tries at it, it just won’t post. Very sinister.

  2. bangonit says:

    Most Brits have no idea of their true history.
    Just a snippet of what this link contains. The british came from Syria 3,600 years ago when the lands there could no longer sustain life. They were called the Kumry, and still are, but we call them the Welsh.
    One thousand years later a Trojan named Brutus also came here so we were Syrian and Trojan. In 562 AD a comet destroyed most of Britain,and vapourized its peoples. Nobody could live here for seven to nine years. By 600 AD Angles, Saxons and a host of others repopulated Britain.

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