Make America… er, Pink Again?!

I had to smile at this image… MAGA vs the pink pussyhat brigade. Bill Mitchell and his Your Voice America crew I guess can be described as Christian-Zionists, not my bag, but if you want balance to the corporate legacy CNN-BBC onslaught against Trump, they do provide often accurate and very upbeat, optimistic analysis. Bill reminds me of Max Headroom…. but, that was another era. I’d love to see Vanessa Beeley interviewed on
Their YouTube channel has been suspended which indicates the threat Bill & co pose for the ‘left-wing’ corporate legacy media.

Bill Mitchell‏Verified account @mitchellvii 7h7 hours ago
One of these hats is responsible for estimated 1st quarter GDP of 5.6%. The other voted for the right to murder the unborn after 20 weeks. Which do you wear?



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