Julia Hartley-Brewer Tells EU to F*** Off

… and how I’d love the chance to say the same to the €U, my MP, the PM….

Another morning. Another BBC R4 Today propaganda programme drive to slight Brexit. How I want to tell John Humbumphrys, Dustbin Pleb, Sarah Moundofgoo, Nick Nobbison & the rest of the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation  fear mongering fools to just F— Off!

Julia Hartley-Brewer tells EU to ‘f*** off’ in explosive rant

‘Julia Hartley-Brewer exploded in a furious rant over Brussels’ demand for the so-called Brexit divorce bill as negotiations rumble on, insisting the prospect of parting with a vast sums can “fuck off”.

The staunch Brexiteer insisted the UK should not pay a penny to the EU because the country has been a “net contributor” to the bloc for 40 years, as she spoke to Politics UK’s Steven Edginton.

The Brexit bill was one of three areas of negotiation Britain was faced with during the first phase of talks.

Theresa May agreed with EU bosses that the UK will hand over more than £40 billion when the country formally quits the bloc.

The actual figures, however, will remain a closely guarded secret from the public even when the final exit deal is agreed in 2019.

With reported figures being potentially as high as £90bn, Hartley-Brewer fumed at any of British taxpayers’ money being handed over to Brussels.

“We should have been so much more forceful,” she told Politics UK.

“I tell you what, paying £100bn, £40bn, £20bn…

“Fuck off, frankly, fuck off… not a chance, not a single penny.’


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