Is The Memo Significant Or Not?

In the UK we have had weeks, months, daily accusation about Trump, Russia, urinating habits with Russian prostitutes, interference in the 2016 US election, an endless stream of hits aimed at Trump…. this memo undermines these accusations, yet already the BBC reports I’ve heard are down playing the memo and the repercussions. If this were a memo undermining Trump you can bet your bottom dollar the BBC would be wetting their knickers about it. As Tucker Carlson says below, he never gives over a whole programme to a single subject, but says this issue is an exception.

The BBC website link states:
Trump warned not to hinder Russia probe…
Trump Russia: Democrats say firing special counsel could cause crisis

BBC: Memo reaction – as it happened:

Epoch Times Investigation: Beyond the Memo
The Memo Diagram:

Tucker Carlson Tonight show 02 Feb 2018
What we’ve learned from the infamous FISA memo

Even David Icke presents on his website:
Tucker Carlson breaks down the long-awaited FBI ‘Trump surveillance’ memo – corruption exposed
… yet the video does not play. Just a technical glitch? It took me a while to find the 37 min Tucker Carlson video above.


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