Industrial Scale Child Abuse In Nottingham

As usual a packed UK Column episode, but ‘Industrial Scale Child Abuse In Nottingham’ was perhaps the stand out remark.

Brexit Without The Exit
Longer transition period sought
Junker’s right-hand man
Prospect asking about new referendum

Change agents behind the scene, Tory and Labour.

Alastair Burt continues the propaganda
Guardian leading the push against Assad
Vanessa Beeley gives information the BBC simply will not engage.
Syria war: Eastern Ghouta bombing ‘catastrophic’ 46 minutes ago
The establishment are losing the narrative battle. If Ghouta is liberated, the truth may be a problem for White Helmets etc.. liberation can release evidence.

US navy in Black Sea
Show of force US to Russia


Beechwood to be renovated / demolished?
Alison Michalska, Corporate Director for Children and Adults at the city council = Common purpose
Chris Ratcliffe solicitor not satisfied
Melanie Shaw 19 months solitary confinement!
Support David Hollas
Industrial scale abuse in Nottingham
The insurance payouts could bring down the insurance industry
Zurich insures Nottingham
Operation DayBreak and Xeres
UNHCR… refugee business
Mike – on the logo of UNHCR is this lot

Published on 21 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley for today’s news update from the UK Column.


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