Hitler was gay

Addendum February 14, 2018: I had to add this later, because at the time of writing this paper in 2017, I honestly didn’t know what I am about to tell you. One of my readers had to send me the link. If you thought of giving Hitler some kind of stud credit for getting triplets when he hooked up with Eva Braun, think again. As with almost everyone else we have studied, Hitler—as it turns out—was gay. Eva and her twins were just beards. The mainstream has admitted it for years, although I wasn’t aware of it until now. See this report from The Guardian back in 2001, publicizing the meticulously researched book of respected German historian Lothar Machtan, Hitler’s Secret: the Double Life of a Dictator. There, we find out the head of the Storm Troopers, Ernst Rohm, is also now admitted to have been gay. It is implied in the article that Hess was also gay, and that he and Hitler were lovers. There exists a collection of police reports documenting Hitler’s homosexuality—since it was then a crime. These reports were published in Italy “some years ago”, but for some reason did not get published in either German or English. I think we can guess the reason.

If you don’t see what I mean, just remember that most actors are gay. They always have been and still are. Therefore the fact that all these people were gay is just another clue that they were actors. You will say that even if most actors are gay, that doesn’t mean that most gays are actors. I have flipped my syllogism. Which is true. In most cases I would not be allowed to do that, as a matter of logic. However, in this case, where we have so much supporting evidence these people were actors, we can indeed use this discovery that Hitler was gay as evidence for our theory. Taken alone, it wouldn’t be proof of anything, but taken as one clue of many, it is quite useful. It not only fits the profile in the current case, it fits the profile in nearly every case we have looked at through the centuries. Gay Jewish actors are what? . . . .00001% of the greater population? And yet almost every person we have studied has fit that profile. Therefore, when we find ourselves researching a new case that is outwardly similar to the old cases—that is to say, riddled with lies, inconsistencies, and impossibilities—and we find the mainstream admitting the person involved is both gay and Jewish, we would be foolish not to look at the probability he was also an actor. That is the true logic of the situation.

I also encourage you to read the Wikipedia pages on “Sexuality of Hitler” and on Machtan’s book. Both are pathetic misdirection, since they provide no rebuttal. We are told most historians believe Hitler was straight, but we aren’t told who these historians are or why they believe it. We are told there is no proof Hitler was gay, which you now see simply isn’t true. Machtan published piles of evidence, which Wiki just dismisses with a wave of the hand. And it isn’t just Machtan who has compiled evidence. See for example this 2016 article by Siobhan Mulcahy at the Irish Examiner, where we find this:

From the outset of the war, he enjoyed a sexual relationship with fellow dispatch-runner, Ernst Schmidt which lasted almost six years. The relationship was not exclusive, however, and Hitler is believed to have had “sexual relations with a senior offcer”. US intelligence later discovered that Hitler was never promoted during WW1 because of his “sexual orientation” and that he was arrested in Munich in 1919 for “pederasty and theft”. Indeed, former Nazi, Otto Strasser said that when Hitler became Nazi Party leader in 1921, “his personal bodyguards and chauffeurs were almost exclusively homosexual”. Two of these bodyguards, Ulrich Graf and Christian Weber, were expected to satisfy their boss’s needs whenever necessary.

We also find confirmation here of Hitler’s longterm homosexual relationship with Hess. Most amusingly, we find Hess referred to as Fraulein Anna and Black Emma by other Nazi leaders. All this was so obvious and out-in-the-open, one newspaper of the time called the Nazi leaders “a Brotherhood of Poofs”. But despite the fact that USIntel is and was aware of Hitler’s orientation, Wiki still takes the time to deny it. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the old story, which has done its job fabulously well until now. If even small parts of the mainstream start admitting Hitler was gay and Jewish, the whole house of cards might fall. Someone might put two and two together, as I am, and the entire history of the 20th century might crash into rubble just a few years after we left it. So Wiki has to come in and try to whitewash the whole thing, which—as usual—it does very poorly.

And that brings up the very pertinent question: why doesn’t worldwide Intel simply squelch all these rumors, stories, and books? Well, it appears they made a mistake, because it appears they thought they could get by with simply spinning the leaks. It is far easier to take control of a leak and spin it than it is to stopper it altogether. Forceful suppression tends to backfire, but Intel has become a master of spin. We see that here, where we find both Mulcahy and Machtan appearing to spin their own research. I say “appear” because I suspect that someone else spun it after the fact. We know Intel has the ability to add text to any story they like, either in print media, books, or on TV. See admissions from the New York Times to that effect. So we should not automatically assume that these writers are undercutting their own theses. Rather, we should assume they can’t prevent Intel from coming in and rewriting in any way they like. This is what I assume is happening when Mulcahy tells us Hitler liked Catholic school girls and later became a “reluctant heterosexual”. I assume the same thing when The Guardian tells us

Hitler killed to hide his homosexuality and went along with sending gays to concentration camps “to disguise his own true colours”. Neither of those things fits the other evidence; nor does it fit the faked history I have been unwinding myself. Rather, they betray the influence of an outside hand, and if we squint we can almost see some agent inserting those sentences via some computer link from Langley or Vauxhall.



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