Treason May! You are Britain’s Prime Poisoner.

‘Which one of us is mentally ill?’ asks Robin Hood.  Either it’s The Prime Poisoner Treason May, or it’s Robin Hood himself.  Looking at Robin out there in the snow, you might well form the opinion that it’s him.  But once you’ve heard all he has to say on water contamination in Britain, your opinion might well swerve the other way.


A recent report on water quality in Britain by The Environment Agency lists out the primary toxicity culprits – toxic metals, but strangely there is no mention of pharmaceutical products.  Yet oestrogen is now a serious water contaminant after fifty years of the pill being used for birth control.  Anti-depressants are also traceable, so that if you drink tap water unfiltered (filtering must be down to one micron to be effective), you are being involuntarily medicated.


Finally in the report by the Environment Agency there is a tiny single paragraph mention of fracking right at the end.  The description of the risks could have been written by a twelve year old.  Go to the meeting in Dorking tomorrow night, where you can question The Environment Agency directly about the risks to water from fracking, which they admit themselves they have no way of analysing, claiming as they do that they don’t have enough resources to do the research.

The government agents are salaried employees doing a box-ticking exercise, with no idea at all of the risks that are being unleashed by The Prime Poisoner.  The ecology for future generations is at stake.  In the South the wells nearest to London are at Dorking, not all that far from 15 million people.  How many are aware pf the potential toxic attack coming in their way if the well at Leith Hill and the Weald are given the go ahead?  In the North the proposal is to frack coast to coast.  Thousands will die.  Everyone will be affected by the toxicity one way or the other.  Yet the Poisoner is offering financial incentives for exactly this to happen.

Robin (Ian R Crane) concludes, that while his sanity is being questioned for being out in the snow in minus 5 degrees, away from home comforts, it is not him who’s acting insane.  He asks the Prime Poisoner, who lives in comfort and wealth in Maidenhead and Westminster, to examine her own mental health for supporting the infliction of the poisons from fracking upon the people of Britain.  The Poisoner has no concept of life in the North Of England, where as in East Lancashire, the level of poverty is shocking.  To her mind, such people are clearly dispensable anyway, so it hardly matters.

Londoners and Southerners are also at risk, however.  Their minds are suppressed by the idea that money will buy them everything they can ever want.  Yet money can’t buy back health or life, once it’s been lost.  People need to reevaluate their lives urgently and act – before their health and lives and those of their descendants are lost to corporate toxicity.  Fracking is all aimed at making money for a tiny few people.  It is literally insane.

It is after all you who’s mad, May.  Or just downright evil.  One or the other.   Or both.


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