Guantanamo is fake

Addendum February 16, 2018: A reader just sent me this:

If the 9/11 story is manufactured and the terrorists are fake, it means Gitmo prison is also a fake. Here are some of the alleged prisoners:

See any problems? Long beard and palm-tree like hair are not allowed in prisons. This type of hair reminds me of Sideshow Bob, a character from the Simpsons, who, incidentally, is a criminal mastermind and an actor. (See link)

Also, study many of these photos and you will see that they are computer generated, with several of them based on the same face. Miles showed this with the Aryan brotherhood fakes in his Manson paper, and we see a similar thing here. The same actor may be playing several prisoners.

If you watch YouTube videos about Guantanamo, you can fnd a gazillion inconsistencies, so it’s useless to list them all here. But one example is that Men’s Health magazine (placed on a book shelf labeled as Women’s Fitness) shows up prominently. They also like to read Harry Potter (nice plug of this other Intel project) and watch The Desperate Housewives. Sure they do. I guess they took lessons and are now advanced students of English language.

And what about those pictures with prisoners lying on stretchers, wearing handcuffs and ip- ops? In the frst few years after the war, these were some of the few pictures of the prisoners published in the media. Are the guys on stretchers injured and need to be carried to the doctor? Or do they expect us to believe they carry them around the prison like that all the time? Why would they need to do that in such a secured prison? It makes no sense, except as more nonsensical drama.

According to Human Rights First organisation, the cost for running Guantanamo Bay prison facility (not the whole base) in 2015 was $445 million ($5,6 billion in total up to 2015!). The annual cost per prisoner at Guantanamo is a whooping $10 million, while the annual cost per prisoner at the federal maximum security prison is only $34,000. It seems this old dumpyard prison is another obvious money pit.


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