Georgina Sorarse Gets Mentioned Yet Again

Russia Putin Russia Putin… zzzzzzz.
Lord Ah-I-Am-Mad the useful idiot.
Brian: Gavin Williamson is a child.

German politics. Swing to ‘Corbynism’?

UK trying to stamp out terrorism online. Amber Crudd… zzzzzzz.
Victoria Atkins… another new bimbo on the scene.
We Protect Global Alliance
David Milliband charity cover up sex scandals.

Georgina Sorarse again!
The International Rescue Committee
No proper investigation into child violation

Stop using Google! Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail.
Chatbox: try Protonmail

France. Macron. French state aggression re-emerging.
Ronald Bernard DVM-TV channel 5th installment out:
ESDC: European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

Brian: Theresa May lying through her teeth about Brexit.

Published on 15 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – USA: Russia not the threat anymore…new threat: China…
06:34 – UK anti-Russian rhetoric continues: alleged cyber crime
11:28 – Netherlands: Dutch Foreign Minister disgraced over Russia
15:55 – Bankers love socialism: Professor Anthony Sutton
16:45 – Dutch Justice Minister next to walk the plank…?
18:14 – Germany: Merkel still cannot form government…
19:28 – Stamping out terrorist content online = government Internet control
23:08 – Exploitation of children cynically used for more Internet control
27:22 – David Miliband’s Aid gravy train hits the buffers…?
28:58 – Billionaire subversist George Soros involved again…
30:34 – UK Column article: The International Rescue Committee
31:00 – Freenations: Rodney Atkinson – The State Socialist Sexual Complex
31:56 – Theresa May: the most transparent abuse cover-up in history
34:04 – Alternative View Nine conference: May 2018 – Alex Thomson to speak
35:05 – Boycott Google: repressive monopoly power on show again
37:13 – Macron: France will strike if chemical weapons used in Syria…
39:27 – Banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard’s fifth and final instalment
40:47 – UK: EU defence spending rises – Brexit…no exit
43:44 – European Security and Defence College…who are they…?

Chat box:
“So this prick has a problem with Russia, but no problem with Sorarse throwing £800k to stop the people of this country.”
Bankers Love Socialism — Professor Antony Sutton:



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