From Oxfam Sex To French Singer Sacked For Tweets

The usual content packed lunch time UK Column news tackling issues and analysing where the BBC hardly think to go.

Oxfam Haiti Clinton?
Boris Johnson in Rohingya.
Israel in Syria, Syria defending itself.
CSIS Meeting the China Challenge
Soros-gate: Best For Britain
21st Century Wire article….
West Yorks police trialling biometric-scanner technology via Home Office
Biometric Gateway Services
HMCTS…. digital justice
MOJ Digital & Technology SILOS = Common Purpose
UKC Series: The Common Purpose Effect
Assange: UK pressure to keep Swedish charges in place
Barclays Bank Qatar 2008 loan bailout
Reminder: Barclays Bank aka Third Energy
Few senior bankers ever prosectued
UKC chatbox cmments:
Qatar is simply a stooge for the Clinton (and British hangers-on) syndicate.
Qatar’s World Cup bid 2022 was simply an excuse for basing fighter jets on the peninsula.
Resignation from French The Voice: old Tweet: they always manage to leave  passport after terror attacks… anti-Semite accusations

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Official show notes…
START – Oxfam abuse allegations: Chief Executive – it’s the tip of the iceberg…
05:27 – Rohingya crisis: Boris to the rescue…modern colonialism…?
10:15 – Syria will no longer tolerate Israeli attacks on its military positions
16:40 – Russia: conventional strikes, no nukes if country is attacked
18:36 – Centre for Strategic & International Studies: Meeting the China challenge
22:16 – Brexit: Soros donates another £100,000 to derail democratic mandate…
23:14 – 21st Century Wire: Soros and others guilty of foreign meddling, not Russia
24:25 – Police to trial mobile fingerprinting: infringing lawful rights again…?
27:23 – Digital Justice: streamlining or creating more miscarriages of justice…?
32:35 – Julian Assange: Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013
34:35 – Barclays Bank: more serious fraud – any prosecutions yet…?
37:34 – Resolution Foundation: Debt distress and the consequences of raising rates
40:29 – French ‘The Voice’ singer quits show over ‘terrorism’ tweets…


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