From €U To Bitcoin… UKC Beats The BBC News Everytime

Hard border not possible according to government spokes persons.
Order through chaos.
A €uropean debt agency in the works.
More chemical attack reporting by BBC & co in Syria blamed on Syrian govt. & Assad.
The Memo infers Clinton role in Christopher Steele dossier.
Journalist Masonic Lodges in building of Westminster….

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.
START – Brexit negotiations continue…
03:37 – EU federalisation: sovereign bond-backed securities
06:53 – Syria: Russian SU-25 downed by shoulder-fired missile (MANPAD)
10:53 – Another alleged ‘chemical attack’ – white helmets on the scene…
13:20 – Russia ‘gate’: FBI concealed Clinton role in Steele dossier
16:10 – 21st Century Wire: Sunday Wire Syria analysis in depth
17:51 – Masonic lodges working directly within British Parliament
20:52 – Eugene Lukjanenko: why was he branded an unfit father…?
22:41 – NCSC: Active Cyber Defence – one year on…
26:10 – Europol: Remote Access Trojans (RATs)
27:37 – Government: harnessing Behavioural Insights to tailor public services
30:31 – Carillion update: no bail-outs for suppliers – loans on the table…
32:03 – Fake news: Lloyds Bank to ban customers from buying Bitcoin…?


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