Freemasons Battle Common Purpose

The Daily Fail report on Leon Brittan’s innocence and Nick’s fantasy.
Evidence unfortunately lost by government and police.
‘Nick the fantasist’ officer who led Scotland Yard’s shambolic VIP child sex abuse inquiry was promoted…while facing probe for misleading judge.

George Soros backs Remain. Lord Malloch-Brown was on BBC R4 Today pushing Remain.
Mark Fisher CBE Best For Britian…. zzzzzzz.
UK military advert: dark and depressing.
Fracking: Third Energy moved equipment off proposed frack site. Question over Third Energy finances.
Council tax rises
Freemasons call for end to discrimination. War with Common Purpose?
Matthew Handycock’s new app mentioned again.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column

START – VIP child sex abuse: victim destroyed by the media…?
03:56 – Ex-Met Police whistleblower very grateful for support
05:49 – Br(exit): more deliberate confusion within British government
07:11 – George Soros foundation backing campaign against Brexit
09:10 – Best for Britain – who are they…?
12:47 – The great lie: “Parliament is Sovereign…”
13:48 – Clore Social Leadership: £1 million of ‘independent’ funding
21:28 – EU Commission: no news on relocating Britain’s military HQ
22:37 – British Military advertising: mind manipulation on the public
26:06 – US Navy: mistakenly tells 4850 sailors their orders are cancelled
28:24 – Fracking: firm removes fracking equipment from Kirby Misperton
30:34 – Council Tax to rise again…no mention of ‘unusable reserve’ funds…
34:14 – New British Ambassador to Libya: more chaos to come…?
37:04 – Syria: US forces kill more than 100 Syrian army forces
38:24 – Finance: another arrested equity correction…?
39:41 – Irish bank fraud: more people losing homes over ‘tracker’ mortgages
43:25 – Freemasons call for an end to ‘discrimination’ of members…
46:32 – Matt Hancock app: data protection breach…?


6 Responses to “Freemasons Battle Common Purpose”

  1. Tapestry says:

    What’s Best For Britain? – was my UKIP strapline in 2001 – since copied by all sides and used ever since by politicians like Michael Howard in 2005 GE.

    • NPP says:

      Ah well, yer see, ideas are shared, not owned. I realised that walking round Chinatown in KL. e.g. Gucci & co all bootlegged and in a way promoted.

      • Tapestry says:

        Framing a campaign in the right way is the key to getting people to take an interest.

        What’s best for Britain? – is a nice open question which draws you in. Using ‘Best for Britain’ alone means you are being told what’s best for you, dictatorial style. It does block the use of the ‘what’s best for Britain?’ however. That would have been a good name for a new UKIP, which Farage is talking about. In fact I suggested it as the name for a new UKIP in a blog post.

        After the ‘what’s best for Britain?’ stapline was ‘invented’ in 2000, I then made the link between Dad’s Army and UKIP, and that worked wonders as a frame, in 2001. That opened up the topic of the EU to people where previously they wouldn’t take much or any interest in it when approached. Captain Mainwaring proved the key to unlocking the minds of the public! That was pre-9/11, and Blair was supreme pre-Iraq, and everyone was glowing after years of economic growth so why would they want to worry about the EU? The frame was the key.

        Since then things have changed and the Euro become a dog from most peoples’ viewpoints..

        Ideas can be copied but not necessarily copied well or with understanding.

        I would still like to see a new UKIP named ‘what’s best for Britain?’

  2. NPP says:

    Soros & co obviously see the usefulness of Best For Britain.
    Farage said in his LBC show last week that there is much more to come re Soros funding.
    When I first heard Trump’s MAGA I thought it naff… but, I was wrong; it has proved successful.
    Until ‘we’ address the UK Column’s concerns about military €U unification, the whole Brexit thing is a facade.
    Will Farage and Banks initiate a new 5 star type movement? We will see. I just want out and if we had a Trump we might have more clear leadership as we leave.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The military unification could be unravelled if we get political independence, we have to hope. Corbyn might swing things around if he gets into Downing Street. I fear the taxes, but might enjoy the displeasure of the EU if he sets about banning fracking, as he has said he would, and maybe some other nominally left wing programmes, like renationalising utilities. Labour’s Momentum seems to have more balls than the Tories when it comes to Brexit. They could push out the rump of Blairites in Westminster and have a serious hit on the EU.

    • NPP says:

      I understand the €U to be anti-fracking. Momentum are more balls pro-€U… ghastly movement.

      It’s a mess. I voted UKIP Brexit Trump and Corbyn and have contradictory issues with each.

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