‘Frak Krieg’! Target London.

15 million people live within 75 miles of the coming  ‘frak-krieg’ in the South East of England.  The first base chosen by the enemy is Leith Hill.

People have no idea where Leith Hill is.  It’s half a mile from Coldharbour, near Dorking in Surrey, only a few miles from the M25.  Frak Krieg is no longer just a threat to irrelevant Northerners who talk with funny accents.  This time the attack is coming  just a few miles from Oxford Circus.  My God!  It might even knock over a few Hooray Henrys, Fionas and Wooputs.

Europa a cowboy drilling company have acquired permission to establish a drillpad there, to launch their V-9s which can penetrate the air defences of the capital.

One quarter of the British population lives just an hour away, supposedly the wealthiest and the most educated part of the country.   But this elite is apparently unaware of what will soon be coming their way.

They are mostly fast asleep as this toxic enemy moves their weaponry into position unhindered by any significant opposition.

While people are busy buying the latest toy in shopping streets across the nation’s capital, preparations are being made for their air and water to be toxified, and the rates of dying in the London population to be dramatically increased.  In short this is war.

The Weald is a key target for unconventional gas extraction – the creation of a string of drills.

Get in your car.  See what is coming to steal your life and your health, and ruin the countryside, if you can make the time that is.  You should do so, while you can get access, before the area is taken over with infrastructure and the machinery of war.

Listen to this video, and understand exactly why your life is placed at risk by your proximity to this abomination.  Even the Nazis never dreamed up a way to leak poisonous gas across London, by releasing it onto the wind.  Ian R Crane gives the commentary.  Watch Voices From The Gasfields below.  You don’t live in a gasfield.  You die in a gasfield.

You don’t live in a gas field.  You die in a gasfield.

Voices From The Gasfields describes the environmental catastrophe releasing gas into populations in Southern Queensland, Australia, with thousands driven out and many deaths, in an area about the size of Britain.  Birth deformities.  Blindness.  Illness of all kinds.

This is exactly what’s soon going to be upstream and upwind of London, unless an army of activists mobilises to stop it.

Where are they?

Londoners seem incapable of finding a single brain cell to care, or even find out what this is all about.  The rats will be exterminated without being willing to look outside the race.  It takes just twenty minutes to get the picture of what this is all about.

You, basically.

Your family.  Your children.  Your grand-children.  All approved by The Prime Poisoner, Treason May, and her fracking friends.

The human toll of fracking catalogued. Van Dieman’s Land, Australia.

Come and find the few people who are camping out at Leith Hill trying to build opposition to this environmental attack, and get it stopped.  Either that or get your IQ tested.

Further North – at Kirby Misperton – Government says they’re going over Third Energy’s accounts, which have been filed.  Greg Clark must not give permission.  The north is under threat from coast to coast.  The South is threatened in pockets.  But to the people who are to be put in harm’s way, they have no choice but to fight.  If they are awake enough and in time.  A series of gasfields West of London are a serious risk to the health of thousands of people living in the conurbation.  Are they to sit in silence while their health security is threatened.

Misson Springs – Great turnout at well site yesterday after IGAS continue carrying on work despite them having been told to wait until September to protect local nesting rare birds.

Frackers ignore the planning conditions as a rule.  Where are the BBC?  Nowhere.

Get reports from the alternative media.  Here.  UK Column.  21st Century Wire.  Drill or drop.



2 Responses to “‘Frak Krieg’! Target London.”

  1. NPP says:

    One day Ian R. Crane will puncture the BBC/corporate media controlled zone and suddenly a wider populous will hear his voice, his concerns and his view point. Ian has maintained an excellent level of integrity for years; surely, by the natural law of life, he will realise a watershed breakthrough moment whereby those beyond Tap, UK Column etc will also get to hear his voice.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The social media campaign associated with Tapnewswire has boosted viewing of Voices From The Gasfields from 20,000 (supposedly) to 50,000 in a week. The numbers ran away before they realised it was happening and now they’re frozen again. There are many media pathways thankfully and we are working this one hard. UKColumn and 21st Century Wire also notable contributors.

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