Framing campaigns is fun!

The Sheriff Of Frackingham.

Campaigners take up tap blog Robin Hood theme.

Campaigners call on Robin Hood in fight against frackers

Nearly 20 years ago I decided that the EU invading Britain/ the Euro was really an episode of Dad’s Army, and produced leaflets, initially featuring Capt Mainwaring and map with advancing arrowheads bearing EU colours and stars, changing over from the previous swastikas.  I headlined it, ‘Who’s kidding us this time?’

Here is one of hundreds of versions which followed on from the original, this one a little bit more aggressive and political in style, and less humorous.  It actually works better if you keep the humour and the fun element to the fore, and hide the anger somewhere well out of sight.

UKIP have run with Dad’s Army references ever since, and BREXIT is much the merrier for it.

Similarly, last week I had a great time portraying Ian Crane as Robin Hood.   Kev (social media) and I ran out a couple of tweets, featuring the Sheriff Of Nottingham and Robin Hood, reaching tens of thousands, maybe more, using the ‘frame’to interest people in the subject of fracking.  There were reports back to us of an increase of 30,000 in views of the accompanying video – Voices From The Gasfields.  Ian R Crane’s masterpiece on youtube.

What a further great compliment it is today, to see The Sheriff coming back as ‘ of Frackingham’ and part of a real world, live campaign, being launched using the frame from the blog post.  (Frackingham was originally used by The Sun in a spoof story of Buckingham palace having a frack in the Queen’s Garden.)

It’s made my day.  I hope it runs and runs.

Further South, we did another theme about Leith Hill, near Dorking and the M25, called ‘Frak Krieg’ featuring Nazi soldiers in gas masks.   This prompted the coining of the channel ‘Frackwar’ on Twitter which has now done 80,000 impressions in February to date, and could be rising to 100s of thousands in March.

The ‘Frak Krieg’ theme might be a good one to play round London, just as Robin Hood apparently works well around Sheffield and Nottingham.  The blitz and fears of gas attack are already in Londoners’ sub-conscious.  A few choice images and the theme ‘Frak attack’, Frak Krieg or Frackwar can play at political theatres around the capital in the weeks ahead.

Treason May, The Prime Poisoner

It’s probably too far South to be effective Robin Hood campaigning territory, but let’s see.   Robin Hood could yet be adapted to include more characters like Treason May, The Prime Poisoner.


My guess is FK, Frackwar or Frakattack could work well around London where no one would otherwise show much interest in this subject.

Someone younger than me might be able to use Starwars as the frame for the campaign, and feature Kylo Ren as the agent of evil.  Darth Vader would be ideal but my ten year old sources tell me he’s no longer working for The Dark Side.

‘Frak Krieg’! Target London.

Where’s Robin Hood?

The blog post/tweet that struck home, based on another great Ian R Crane video..

Sheriff of Nottingham steals property at Misson Springs, outside Doncaster.

INEO$ – I Need Every One Sick

The Prime Poisoner sending the country down the toilet


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  1. NPP says:

    There’s a song in there somewhere
    says Friar Fruck…

  2. Tapestry says:

    I was watching Robin Hood on TV in 1959 and loved every episode, with Richard Green. Later on I was coached by Richard’s son Rupert to play tennis. He also coached Cliff Richard…….

  3. NPP says:

    What was the film? Mel Brooks? Tennis in tights… Cliff? Do tell us more!

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