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Even FakeBook has its uses… Eva Karene Bartlett shared her post — with Damien Quentin and 33 others.
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Re-share, this is so important to re-state: US thinks it can occupy Syria and has no intention of leaving. Uses fake pretext of fighting ISIS, meanwhile helping ISIS, as the US has for years.

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Veteran Journalist Elijah Magnier on latest developments in Syria

Published on 14 Feb 2018
Elijah Magnier is the chief international correspondent at Al Rai and a political and terrorism/counterterrorism analyst, with over 32 years’ experience, including covering Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya & more.

His website is:
…where you can find his latest articles, including translations into a number of languages.
You can find him also on Twitter at:

Mr. Magnier is working on a book, Hezbollah: The Unlikely Peacemakers
From Domestic Resistance To A Regional Army
He has a Go Fund Me campaign for this project:


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