€U Customs Union? €U Military Union Stupid!

Theresa May addressing unsustainable mainstream media. Matthew Handycock gets his now increasingly frequent UKC mention. A news assistant app!
Basically, Theresa’s very concerned about platforms such as yours Tap Blog…
Is sustainable media all about combating climate change? Or is that an unsustainable joke…?
More like information censorship.

The beautiful peace loving Guardian continues to support the terrorist organisation that is James Le Mesurier’s White Helmets:

Statement by Ambassador Jonathan Allen, Chargé d’Affaires, at the Security Council Briefing on Syria Humanitarian Issues.
Jonathong’s part time hobby is transgender cross-dressing Georgina Sorosh style… I made that up, but it may as well be as true as his statements to the UN.

Statement by Ambassador Jonathan Allen, Chargé d’Affaires, at the Security Council Briefing on Syria Chemical Weapons
“We are holding this session in the open Chamber today after a series of reported chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta within the last month, as the Assad regime continues its merciless bombing and killing of civilians. Over the weekend, there was a further allegation of use of chemical weapons in Idlib, as well as airstrikes by pro-regime forces which reportedly hit three hospitals, leaving doctors scrambling to remove premature babies from their incubators to move them. I cannot say move them to safety because the reality is that, for the citizens of Idlib and Eastern Ghouta, nowhere is safe. Mr President, we are appalled by this violence and the reported deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure and call upon all parties to the conflict to uphold International Humanitarian Law and protect civilians…. i.e. let’s invade and kill at will.”

David Ellis. The Russian threat. Military unification with single point control from Brussels.
No to Customs Union, but Yes to military union…. the orders will come from Brussels.
European defence: where is it heading?
A merger!
‘There is at present, a political appetite for progress in European defense. If that is to be capitalised on, post-Brexit, proposals for an independent, permanent operational planning HQ seem inevitable; while proposals have already been put forward by the EU High Representative to create a longer term finance mechanism for CSDP operations. The extension of PESCO into full spectrum capabilities, should it prove successful, is also likely to be on the cards.

And yet, windows of opportunity such as this often prove to be short-lived. National interests must remain in sync amid broader global challenges, and the EU at 27 must all have a unified view on what they want CSDP to be, and to achieve. Without the UK Brexit undoubtedly offers opportunities, but equally national interests will dictate progress and further integration in EU defence matters is not without other sceptical EU Member States. It has taken decades of negotiation to get CSDP this far, achieving a common European Defence Union is, arguably, likely to take decades more with or without the involvement of the UK.’

From the UKC chat-box: US Memo:
https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-02-06 CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified Steele Referral).pdf

Matthew Handycock corner:
Matt Hancock said in a statement.
“This review will look at the sustainability of the national, regional and local press, how content creators are appropriately rewarded for their online creations, and ensure that the UK has a vibrant, independent and plural free press as one of the cornerstones of our public debate.”

Handycock MP: My name is Matt and I stood up in parliament to support Leon Britten and contribute toward a taxpayer funded £100K to his distressed widow. Trust me, I apart from a flooring item, I have a penis innuendo in my name.

Dear Matt, yours constituents notice you no longer conduct open local meetings anymore; just qıietly organised private party gatherings. Are you at all worried about meeting common-or-garden constituents?

UK Column News – 7th February 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley and David Ellis for today’s news update.
START – The unsustainability of the press and media…
02:50 – All information for publication to be provided by government…?
04:08 – Newsweek: losing large numbers of senior staff
05:49 – MainStream Media setting itself up as the arbiter of truth…
07:30 – Guardian filtering the truth…running protection rackets
11:56 – Syria: ‘reported’ chemical weapons attack but without evidence
19:17 – Truth in MainStream Media…? Propaganda is more important
19:30 – Br(exit): British defence being decimated…EU to assume control
25:05 – Eurocorps: Britain to be fully integrated into EU military – no exit
29:48 – Nationalities of EU forces to be mixed at lowest possible level
30:47 – EU military ‘at disposal of NATO’ Orders will come from Brussels
36:58 – House of Commons: European Defence: where is it heading…?
43:28 – More EU federalisation: EU centralised banking and debt agency
46:11 – Met Police child abuse whistleblower: awareness walk appeal


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