Earthquake probably not to do with fracking – says Ian Crane. 4.2 on Richter near Swansea.

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Ian R Crane’s morning broadcast is frozen currently on Facebook.  His other camera is reported as ‘missing.’

Before the Facebook freeze kicked in,  he manages to get out his opinion on the latest earthquake, saying that the epicentre in Swansea is too far away from any fracking activity to be fracking caused, probably.  Dutchsinse put out the opinion it was fracking caused.  In the USA the massive increase is earthquakes is caused by fracking, which he has exposed on Youtube.  But the quake yesterday most probably was not, says Ian, while praising Dutchsinse’s output otherwise.

Observer newspaper at weekend documented what’s been going on at Kirby Misperton.  Third Energy are claiming they’ll be back once finances are sorted.  Crane says – ‘no, you won’t.’  Barclays Bank trading as TE is a financial black hole.  Will INEOS come in and try buying the dog?  Unlikely.  It’s debts are massive with no income.

Kevin Hollinsake MP for Ryedale, cheerleader for fracking, claims he and 40 other MPs will give up the use of single use plastics.  Yet he is advocating fracking, and hasn’t made the link between fracking and plastics.  He’s the same one who claimed the collapse of Carillion (Carry’o’lyin) shows the success of Private Finance Initiative.  He lives in an alternate reality.

Tinker Lane busy day on Friday (near Misson Springs) saw breaches of traffic management plan.  These were reported to local authority.  Lou Hammond in full flow about the breaches when Facebook froze.  More later from Youtube if Ian manages to upload.








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