Corporate courts turning to heavy fines to deter anti-frackers

Hi everyone.

It has taken some time but we have an account up and running now for people who wish to make a donation to the fine fund.

the account details are:
Yorkshire bank, PNR fine fund.
Sort code: 05-02-57
Account number: 24464773

All year people from around the country have joined forces with members of the local comunity to fight against the fracking companies invasion, many people have been arrested and convicted simply for defending the planet they love.
The courts have been imposing heavy fines and this groups aim is to help those who gave so much fighting for us all.

ALL the money collected will go towards paying off peoples fines, we don’t know how much we will manage to raise, that all depends on the generosity of people but we don’t think we will be able to pay off all of everybodies fines, they are simply too high and to many but we are aiming to at least try and pay off half of what people have to pay each month, so if you have to pay a fiver a week(£20 a month) we will try and pay off half (£10 a month) but again this all depends on how much is in the pot each month.

If anybody needs help with paying off their fines please contact Barbara J Fish or post on here, or get in touch via the fund email:

Miranda Cox and Catherine Boyle, along with Barbara are in charge of collecting, managing the account and distributing the funds, please don’t message me offering to donate or asking me for money, i have nothing to do with handling any money, please use the account for donations and contact Barbara for help, thank you.

There are a few people who have set up individual fund raisers for fines, this is cool but if you are already getting funding from elsewhere it is not really fair on those who have no help and the funds will go to those people who have none.

Also we ask anybody who might be in a position where they can afford it to maybe consider paying the fine themselves and that way we can help more people who have very low or no income, this won’t be enforced but it would really help others if some people decide to take one for the team.

In the interest of transparency we will publish regular bank statements so everybody can see exactly what has gone in.

We will be using this group to push this fund so we can try and keep the payments regular for people to try and reduce the worry and hardship this can cause people, we are going to be doing fund raiser events, gigs, raffles, family fun days etc so we are not just asking people for money, we can have fun at the same time so if anybody has any ideas of ways we can keep the fund from drying up we welcome any suggestions x

Thank you for your patience, please share this about and let’s get people sorted out so we can keep nailing these frackers x

Love n light x

TAP – anyone looking to help the anti-fracking campaign should also consider sending Ian R Crane a regular monthly donation.  He’s paypallable at

PNR is a well established camp with a hard battle against Cuadrilla in progress, delaying their six month drill to 14 months and counting.  Ian Crane is working to set up camps that are just starting their battles in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  He has toes in many camps like Leith Hill near Dorking.  We are all threatened and should pull together to fight off this abomination which Tessa May Not apparently still supports.  Although she has gone quiet in recent months as opposition grows exponentially.  The fight is not done yet.  Your contribution helps push the enemy back a few more yards.  Please help!


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