Capita Exits On State Contracts

NHS property being sold off. Brian says credit to The Mirror!
London Mayor Sordik Khant praising his own air quality.
Theresa May’s fake news policy is fake news. The Guardian tell us how to recognise lies and inadvertently tells some truth about domestic propaganda policy.
For the first time Brian found an interested and inquiring mind at the other end of a BBC phone call.
As for Capita… what did Mussolini says about state-corporate mergers?!

Another packed UK Column on bugger all budget while BBC presstitutes moan about being paid £100K’s / per year…

Published on 31 Jan 2018
Bran Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.
START – Treason May: I’m not a quitter…
04:31 – UK asset-stripping: Tories back report for huge NHS property sell-off
10:42 – London annual pollution limit for 2018 already breached…or is it…?
15:02 – Fake news: Treason May’s ‘fake news unit’ already branded fake news
16:28 – The Guardian: ‘propaganda’ article unveils reverse psychology at work
19:56 – BBC: Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan…Afghan government disagrees
23:45 – Co-Director of Afghanistan Analysts Network: who is Kate Clark…?
33:48 – The Federal Reserve will ignite the next “financial crisis”
35:42 – Capita in distress: the company which is stripping the MOD
37:51 – Treason Laws: can Royal Assent prevent trials…?
39:20 – MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan under fire from constituents on child abuse
40:32 – Melanie Shaw: visit from Social Services denied by prison governor…


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