Britain will be left short of food. Fracking the reason.

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Click onto  to see the spreadsheet of chemical used by frackers in the United States, researched by a Doctor.

Oil price at $60 makes fracking uneconomic in the UK.  They need at least $70 a barrel.  Shares of frackers are crashing.  IGAS has fallen by 97% in four years.  £30 down to less than £1.

The Oil & Gas Authority are a criminal cabal participating in the destruction of the UK.  Look at ‘WHAT WE DO’ on their website.   Headquartered in Aberdeen.  It is owned by the Secretary of State for Business and Industrial Strategy as the sole shareholder, Greg Clark.

They are operating in complete autonomy without reference to the secretary of state, allowing companies like Third Energy to pay a fraction of the true market price for a drilling licence.  They are acting solely in the interests of the industry they are meant to be regulating, not of the Crown, the environment or even energy security.

UK is top of the league for eating junk food.  Food security is our biggest problem, not energy security.

20% of the country is licensed for unconventional gas industry.  This will destroy our agriculture in many areas.

Barclays Bank are owners of Third Energy.  Barclays Bank are one of main financiers of Ineos.  (Barclays Bank originally built their wealth out of the slave trade).

The campaign against Barclays is growing.  Move your bank accounts to an ethical banks and abandon Barclays to rot.

Keep up the attack.

Anti-frack campaigners ahve a raft of countermeasures being readied to stop fracking in Britain.

Meantime don’t forget.  Wherever you are in Britain, go and tagabarclays.

The same man who brought us this –


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