Boris The Spider & Gavin The Monty Python Minister Of War

Note: … it’s an old Who track written by the bass player known as The Ox. To business…

Russiagate continues: The Star: spectacular rhetoric:
The ridiculous idiot fake news campaign carries on.
Gavin The Baby Faced Assassin
€U military unification rolls on! Any comment Boris the other spider?
Stronger together, May in attendance:
UK government fundamentally lying.
Problems all across the UK because of austerity, let’s spend more money on war!
War is good. War is profitable, especially in an austerity world.
Boris Brexit speech: double speak: road to Brexit stitch up
BIS: Eric Pickles’ twin at the Bank of International Settlements concerned about crypto-currency.
More on Georgina Sorosh and anit-Semolinaism. It’s a new word Tap, Semolinaism, and I claim copyright and copyleft before it becomes the new Oxford English Dictionary word of the year.
Gems: Connected classrooms:
Bill Gates: education is a master switch
Agenda 2030 for Children. You know it must be wonderful!
The people actually harming children having a meeting about not harming children. You’ve got to laugh…. or cry.
Melanie Shaw has been allowed to go to church.
Story of two imprisoned woman: Mel Shaw vs. BBC journalist Nassarin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran. This is shameful; one woman is worthy of Boris visiting Iran while the other has been violated as a child and now violated as an adult under Theresa May’s watch.
Dutch Senate: people’s organs government property.
No Time To Die government website

Published on 14 Feb 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

START – – Britain’s ‘Monty Python’ minister of war speaks…
03:10 – Spiderman in Brussels for NATO defence ministers meeting
08:45 – Sunset for the Marines – EU military unification continues
12:20 – Modern War Institute: cities to become battlefields…
15:12 – Boris: The road to Br(exit)
16:54 – Finance: Russia ready for Swift system shutdown
18:17 – BIS chief sees ‘strong case’ for cryptocurrency intervention
21:22 – The Independent spin George Soros attacks: conspiracy theory…
25:34 – ‘Independent’ leaders targeting the minds of children
29:20 – Agenda 2030 for children: End Violence Solutions Summit
30:52 – Mordaunt: ‘ensure victims and whistleblowers come forward’
33:28 – Melanie Shaw: still no release date, still suffering
34:58 – It’s a funny old World unless you’re a child abuse survivor…
38:33 – Dutch Senate passes law: people’s organs ‘Government Property’
42:00 – British Brainwashing Corporation: destroying people’s minds


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