Boris playing hard for Brexit

Boris Johnson calls on Leavers and Remainers to move on from EU referendum divisions
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will today outline his liberal vision of Brexit. In a speech he is expected to say, “It is only by taking back control of our laws that UK firms and entrepreneurs will have the freedom to innovate, without the risk of having to comply with some directive devised by Brussels, at the urging of some lobby group, with the aim of holding back a UK competitor…That would be intolerable, undemocratic and would make it all but impossible for us to do serious free trade deals.”

Johnson will add, “The British people should not have new laws affecting their everyday lives imposed from abroad, when they have no power to elect or remove those who make those laws…There is no need for us to find ourselves in any such position.” Johnson will also tell Leavers that they “must also reach out to those who still have anxieties.” Separately, writing in The Sun, Johnson says, “To those who worry that we are somehow going to become more insular [because of Brexit], the exact reverse is true.

We are becoming every year more global…We do not want to haul up the drawbridge…But we want to exercise control and if we are going to move from a low-wage, low-productivity economy to a high-wage, high productivity economy — as we must — then Brexit gives us back at least one of the levers we need.

At the same time, Brexit will give us a cash dividend and as the Prime Minister has indicated, a substantial sum will go on housing, education and, yes, the NHS.”

He concludes, “To those who worry about coming out of the customs union or the single market, please bear in mind that the economic benefits of membership are nothing like as conspicuous or irrefutable as is sometimes claimed.”

Source: The Sun 1, The Sun 2

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