Beware Tap Blog! Amber Crudd Monitoring Internet Naughties.

Govt monitoring / censoring online content using terrorism as the excuse.
Amber Rudd to save us all!
BBC sets out new distribution policy
Watch out for extremist content…. e.g. Tap Blog! Bet you’re hardly Amber’s favourite.

More on the Oxfam sex scandal
€U immigration
UK to force military might over China
Being unpleasant to Georgina Sorosh is being anti-Semolinaic

The rudest man in Britan: Paul Butters: “… oh, we’ve dealt with the UK Column before…” is Georgina Sorosh’s boy. UKC chat-box comments: Peanut Butterass….
UKC actaually agree with Gina Miller!
Lord Malloch Sorosh Brownass….
RBS banking scamming
RT reports Trump infrastructure plan
Tories hounding the disabled
BBC presstitute Jolyon Jenkins sneers at constitution…
BBC bimbo Twit: Jolyon Jenkins:

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Government to use new AI technology to track terrorists
06:17 – What is an ‘extremist’…? We should be concerned…
07:34 – Oxfam: Justine Greening ‘absolutely shocked’ by claims
12:33 – Brendon Cox quits Save the Children over sex assault claim
14:14 – Open Government Partnership ambassador is Save the Children CEO
15:08 – Ex-Met child abuse whistleblower: awareness walk fund growing
16:23 – EU police mergers begin with Albania…
18:26 – Fake News: Britain set to enforce ‘military might’ over China…
20:15 – UK Column article: EU military unification – no Brexit
21:17 – Soros ‘smear campaign’ is anti-Semitic…
22:30 – Best for Britain: who is Eloise Todd…?
26:24 – Best for Britain: who is Paul Butters…?
27:31 – Liberal Democrats: silent on missing Syrian refugee children…
30:10 – Gina Miller: Soros-backed anti-Brexit group is ‘undemocratic’
32:34 – Royal Bank of Scotland: FCA refuses to publish report on fraud
35:42 – USA: White House announces $1.5 trillion infrastructure package
38:16 – Tories spend £100 million to stop disabled claiming entitlements
40:55 – BBC documentary: the Queen’s enemies

P.S. for Jolyon twitter idiot:
John Bingley explains the British Constitution at a British Constitution Group conference.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Being unpleasant to Georgina Sorosh is being anti-Semolinaic

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