BBC Love-In With Georgina Sorosh

Arther & Ayşe Göbeklitepe Adventure Left-Field Interlude.

Arther popped to the loo and as per usual turned on the radio…. it was tuned to the BBC, the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation, R4. Arther frequently found inspiration and ideas on the loo or walking. Ayşe lay her head on her magic infinity balloon, politely averting her eyes and listened in too.

“Hi, I’m Numbi Grimley, a BBC journalist, a Global Affairs Correspondent, BBC World Affairs Unit. It’s very unfair for Gerald Celente to call us presstitutes. We take great due diligence over our sources, like BuzzFeed for example, to present objective view point. We know what is best for you and that includes taxpayer funding collectivist change for all our common purpose good. Obviously, if you do not embrace open border mass migration of people you are by default a right-wing extremist and very bad. So, to Hungary and Poland…”
The Illiberal Democrats – broadcast 05 Feb 2018

“Hmmm…” thought Arther, “more crap.”

Numbi continued, “€U funding has certainly buoyed the economies of Hungary and Poland…” as she reminded the listener how wonderful the €U is. That’s the message from Numbi and the BBC. The evil word is popularism and when you refer to popularism, make sure you mention Brexit and Donald Trump too.
Most of you will not be able to access the BBC listen again facility, but I’m here to inform you the message from the BBC is relentless and along these lines:

€U good Brexit bad
Trump bad
Man made climate change a scientific 97% of all scientists done deal
President Obomba sorely missed
Vaccines are a modern essential
The mass migration of peoples is to be welcomed, supported and obviously beneficial; only isolationist right-wingers would disagree.
Transgender identity is the new sexuality
Anti-Semitism and racism must be challenged every minute of the day
We are all equal…

“Yeah, some apparently more equal than others,” chipped in Ayşe.

Programme presenter Numbi Grimley’s view point is… Georgina Sorosh, a Hungarian 4 by 2 escaped the Nazis and made good abroad. Today she is a transgender billionaire who finances universities which are threatened by the Hungarian right-wing government. Numbi infers how nasty Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to keep Muslim migration in check and is portrayed as the villain in contrast to benign philanthropic Georgina.

Numbi goes onto to explain, “We must encourage €U diversity to the point whereby we do not see black nor white anymore, but homogenised grey… a nice grey, a sort of chocolatey creamy grey. Anyway, a grey diversity….” …. actually, Numbi didn’t really say that, but she may as well have.

For your convenience: The BBC programme blurb:
Poland and Hungary appear to be on paths to what the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called “illiberal democracy”. What does this mean for the European Union? Naomi Grimley hears how in Hungary a respected newspaper was shut down overnight after criticising government officials. A liberal university is fighting for its survival. In Poland, a popular singer was disinvited from a festival after speaking out against the proposed outlawing of abortion. Laws have been passed which give politicians more control over the appointment of judges. Both countries are in trouble with the European Commission. And yet, the view from Warsaw and Budapest is that their governments were democratically elected, and that they are enacting the will of their peoples – a will that may not be the same as that of Brussels, but has a popular mandate. In Hungary, Naomi is told that the country simply wants to keep its Christian identity. In Poland, the argument is that the changes of the court systems are simply an overdue updating of the judiciary after the Communist era, and that Poland is entitled to develop as its voters see fit. Could their new paths divide East and West and eventually threaten the EU itself?


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