Barclays Bank hides environmental destruction behind criminal false accounting

Barclays is the majority owner of Third Energy, and is the primary funder of this bankrupt, insolvent company, which failed to file 2016 accounts until forced to do so by a specific demand from the Energy Minister, Greg Clark.  Third Energy has the same auditors as Carillion,  and shares the same directors with Carillion.   As leopards don’t normally change their spots, the information contained in Third Energy’s accounts is unlikely to true.

Barclays are a key lender behind Ineos, the main player in plans to frack the North Of England, coast to coast, holding a licence to frack 1.2 billion acres of Britain.

Ian Crane spells it out.  Barclays is the big money behind fracking, the abominable attempt to destroy the countryside, and render it uninhabitable – all for greed and profit for a few billionaires – of which Jim Ratcliffe is the most exposed.  While millions are made sick and have to abandon living across the North of England, one man will collect billions.

Barclays should be targeted for their criminal neglect of proper accounting, and even more for their criminal neglect of the environment,  and the people of Britain.

Get out there and #tagabarclays wherever you are.

Close your accounts at Barclays.

Stop talking to Barclays staff.

Call their customer services and tell them how appalled you are at their support of environmental criminality, through criminal insolvent businesses, which they secretly own.

And his earlier masterpiece –


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