Barclays Bank campaign to ‘poison the people’ spreads fear and loathing across Britain. Centrica also guilty.

Let Barclays know that you don’t want your children to die.   Tagabarclays today.

LIVESTREAM FRACKING UPDATE : Tues 13th Feb 2018. BARCLAYS BANK (trading as THIRD ENERGY) continue to remove the FRACK kit from Kirby Misperton … in tacit acknowledgment that they will NOT be FRACKING at Kirby Misperton … anytime soon! 🙂 Meanwhile, it’s time to pile the pressure on Cuadrilla’s primary financier … CENTRICA!

Stop buying your gas from Centrica.  They’re a bunch of frackers too – also out to kill your kids.  Move your account away from Centrica now.

Here’s what they want to do to you and your kids.



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