Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 025/032

Continued from… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 019/024

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 019/024


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Travelling in magic Natural Law infinity bubbles conveyed an almost sub-conscious peaceful frequency, so the people of Harran had not thought twice about Arther and Ayşe suddenly descending upon them and joining the festivities. Indeed, the local people had welcomed, embraced and enjoyed the unexpected company.

Having danced enough Ayşe grabbed Arther and on they moved. “We’ve come further than we needed, since Harran is further south than Göbeklitpe, but I thought this all worth experiencing first. We have to cut back about 30 miles or so.”

When you have an infinity travel bubble, 30 miles is a breeze, and in next to no time Ayşe exclaimed, “There it is!”

Arther’s first sight of Göbeklitepe was hardly akin to the Hanging the Gardens of Babylon or even the pyramids of Giza. He could see a corrugated steel roof. Not exactly the international game changer he might have expected.

“I know…” said Ayşe anticipating the first impression was a tad underwhelming when you were expecting a smoking gun to rock the world of conventional human time line history, “…. it was constructed around 2013-2014 to protect against the elements. I guess they had no choice.”

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They arrived without fuss, since magic infinity travel bubbles enable you to subtly appear without unnecessary drama, fanfare or shock.

The site was busy with cars, coaches, students and visitors generally. Arther noticed women gathering a local crop. He didn’t know what the crop was or the purpose in gathering it, but he wondered if they’d been harvesting this plant for generations as they continued to do today. Now the site has been discovered, for how much longer will women harvest and collect as they supposedly have done so for generations?

Conventional history tells us that before organised farming of the land, humans were hunter gatherers. Was it a hunter gatherer community that constructed Göbeklitepe?


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Arther turned and followed Ayşe to enter the covered area which enclosed allegedly the oldest known human made artifacts on earth… well, sort of.


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There were students both standing and seated on the wooden floor boards sketching. Were they really interested and curious or merely doing what their teacher had instructed?

Perhaps you can remember school trips to museums, galleries and field sites. Often it was looked upon by us school kids as a ‘day off’ school and how many students might be sincerely interested in a bunch of old stones in the dirt?



Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure on Tap Blog. A spontaneous social media story experiment originally tested on FakeBook 19 November 2017. Gobeklitepe is an ancient megalith site on the Turkish-Syrian border said to be at least 11,600 years old. Is it just a bunch of old stones stood in Turkish soil or a game changer for a myriad of reasons? This story aims to explore the possible implications and touch upon issues and subject matter posted about on Tap Blog.

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Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 033/042


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