Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 007/010

Continued from… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 003/006

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 003/006


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Ayşe Deliismail Çiftliği,, produce raw dairy product which can be super good for you. At it suggests ‘children consuming raw milk had greater resistance to disease, better growth and stronger teeth than children consuming pasteurized milk.’

Ayşe suggested, “If they had milk in the days of Göbeklitepe it might have been like this; fresh from the animal and rich in goodness. Normal shops only sell heated milk, known as pasteurised, since the medical community warns of dangers.”

‘Health,’ thought Arther and asked, “do you know about WHO?”

“Who? Dr Who?” quipped Ayşe.

“No you silly moo, WHO! W-H-O! On their website they state…..

‘WHO staff work side by side with governments and other partners…. We ensure the safety of the air people breathe, the food they eat, the water they drink – and the medicines and vaccines they need.”

“Hmmm, we ‘need’?” pondered Ayşe. “Do we? Need?”

“Each to their own,” suggested Arther, “as Gerald Celente says: think for yourself!”

While the BBC might consider the likes of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock or Clive de Carle as pseudo-scientist practitioners, Arther and Ayşe welcome their contributions and love the raw milk… and cheese with the best whole grain bread, fresh, dried and fermented fruit and vegetables, splashed with cold pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar; all super dooper yummy. En plus salt! Arther always carried his own magnesium rich super-good-for-you Celtic Sea Salt:

Ayşe pointed. “That is Göbeklitepe!” she declared.

“Isn’t it cheese?” asked Arther.

“Yes, Göbeklitepe T-shaped cheese!”

“So, tell me about this Göbeklitepe thing…”



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“Down near Şanlıurfa there is a pot-bellied hill called Göbeklitepe.”

“How do you say that word?” asked Arther…

For bastions of the mono-linguistic English Isle:

göb-ek-li-te-pe sounds a bit like


Ayşe explained,

“Göbek – belly.

Göbekli – pot belly.

Göbeklitepe – pot belly hill…

…. something like that.”

Arther’s imagination demonstrated her explanation. We’ve heard stories of the Moon being made of cheese, but this was getting ridiculous; Göbeklitepe cheese T-shapes? But, it was merely Arther’s imagination, so no need to panic.



Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure on Tap Blog. A spontaneous social media story experiment originally tested on FakeBook 19 November 2017. Gobeklitepe is an ancient megalith site on the Turkish-Syrian border said to be at least 11,600 years old. Is it just a bunch of old stones stood in Turkish soil or a game changer for a myriad of reasons? This story aims to explore the possible implications and touch upon issues and subject matter posted about on Tap Blog.

Continued at… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 011/014

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 011/014


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