Another Amtrak train crash

An Amtrak collided head on with a freight train. This is all there is on this at 4AM:

A train carrying 147 people has collided with a freight train in South Carolina, according to reports. Emergency responders are attending the scene.

The Amtrak train, which was operating between New York and Miami, had 139 passengers and eight crew members on board, NBC news reports.

Update: It is off the tracks as would be expected.

Update: There are fatalities

Deep state update: Amtrak now has a new line of “disposable” trains, yes, you really can afford to crash 3 in a month!

My comment: In this day and age of computer control, head on collisions are only possible where intentional. Who was on that train? They will no doubt talk about “how this section of the tracks did not have _____ ” but it will be a load of bullshit, either someone was important on that train, or they were testing to see what happened when the collision was worse than last time.


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