An Interesting Lady, Michele Renouf

War. What Is It Good For? Business Stupid! Some thoughts from before Xmas…. I heard Hugh Sykes … having a mutual Jim ‘n’ Frank with Eddie Nightmare about the new Dunkirk film. Sod the truth, keep pushing the official story. Me? A cynical sod? You think for yourself. I’m saying I smell a rat and Hugh Sykes and the Dunkirk film can go take a jump. It’s just that there are other sides to the Dunkirk story and we seem to get stuck with only the official version.

I have memorised the 7 names on my village WWI memorial so that where ever I go in the world, the names can be recalled at will. I tend to assume poor buggers were sacrificial lambs, but I suspect their intent was authentic and courageous and ignorance was and is bliss.

From Harry Coopers Sharkhunters newsletter – yes, obviously I’m a neo Nazi with gas chamber syndrome because I sign up to newsletters from ……. zzzzzzz:

MOVIE SUCKS! – WALTER KRAUS, Member #3926 tells us:
“I went to see Dunkirk today. The movie sucks! There was not one German in the entire movie ‘till the last 10 seconds. Typical Hollywood s&%t. They portrayed the German Heinkel He 111 medium bomber to bomb a ship and when it was listing, sinking they would bomb it again to kill the men jumping off the ship just like when they said U-Boats would sink a ship then surface to machine gun the men. The scumbags in Hollywood have to always make the Germans to be animals and Nazis at that time.”

My luck. My birthday has been allocated holocaust memorial day. According to my Whitehouse 1600 daily newsletter that day…

‘We remember’
Tomorrow will mark 73 years to the day when the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was liberated from Nazi control. In recognition of tomorrow’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day, First Lady Melania Trump visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum yesterday.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives and families were broken by the horrors of the Holocaust,” the First Lady said. “Yet it is also through our shared humanity that we come together now in commemoration, strength, and love.”

The First Lady concluded her tour at the Hall of Remembrance, participating in a moment of silence by the Eternal Flame Memorial followed by a lighting of a candle at the Prayer Wall.

“My heart is with you, and we remember.”

For another take and potential thought crime offense in Germany….
Jim and Diane Interview Lady Michele Renouf, Sept 3, 2017 LONG
First Jewish Homeland – Birobidjan,

Gilad Atzmon tries to approach history with an open mind, but of course gets called the proverbial anti-Semite label:

Lady Michele Renouf complains that Gilad Atzmon will only post an article to his blog regarding the incarceration of attorney Horst Mahler within the Brandenburg Prison near Berlin by the German state for his “opinion crimes”.
Isn’t it mind boggling that we defeated Hitler to have the freedom to imprison those who say or write unpalatable content?
Apparently, Horst Mahler’s “persecution” had been prompted by his publication of a book entitled ‘The End of Wanderings – Thoughts on Gilad Atzmon and the Jewish people’ which details the life of British-Israeli saxophonist Atzmon who has been accused of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.’

The descripton of Horst Mahler is a tad prejudice…
The known German right-wing extremist veteran Horst Mahler took an especially huge effort writing a (kind of) review that is longer than the Wandering Who itself. In the Brandenburg prison, where he is currently detained for sedition and incitement,
German political prisoner Horst Mahler’s latest book slated for ‘harmful media’ list:

Even Nigel Farage gets slated if he dares critise the Zionist lobby:

War is a racket and the victors still proft.

Ever met anyone who survived 5 WWII camps? I did. He became a friend and his book is this:
He survived because he volunteered for the typhus block.


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