Alternative media censorship increasing, apparently.

Nathan Stolpman has been censored for a long time.  He’s survived by dodging between different channels.  His channel was the first on Youtube to be demonetised.   Yet now he’s allowed to monetise again.  Strange, even he admits.

He’s investigating himself for being a shill.  He’s a former actor.  He has other qualities which would put him under suspicion according to some sources.  His following of Flat Earth was a bit of a giveaway.  However he did a lot of good work exposing the falseness of terror events.

Covers many big names here.  Are they are all shills or none of them?  Prepare to have your brain twisted around.

Is he loyal to the CIA, and part of the turf war with the DHS?  He ran a long stretch on the Hampstead whistleblower kids, which was possibly being targeted onto the DHS and their control of and growing powers to acquire and abuse children.


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