80 properties wrecked by earthquake at Prees Hall. Caused by Cuadrilla frack.

Not a single frack in Britain has taken place since 2012.  But is this about to change?  Hopefully not.  The damage that will be done is evidenced by what is happening in Southern Queensland.  20,000 plus gas wells were installed there, and hospitals and doctors are busy.

In the UK Cuadrilla kept it quiet about the damage done to 80 properties nearby during a seismic event.

From inside Westmonster news is coming out of enormous pressure being out onto Greg Clark.

Tourism is about to start and Flemingo Land (near Kirby Misperton) to welcome a massive influx of tourists in March.  Third Energy needs to be ready before March to get drilling before all that starts.

Greg Clark (pictured) knows what he really should do.  Will he cave into the pressure or will he listen to his constituents who are doing all they can to stop fracking at Balcombe and Leith Hill?  He’s the highly ambitious MP in Tonbridge Wells.  Will he condemn the North of England to the devastation that will manifest across the North of England if fracking is allowed to begin?

In other places, things are going along well at local level.

Marsh Lane had a 9 to 1 votes against Ineos in Derbyshire Council Planning Committee.

Rotherham voted against Ineos.  Unanimous.  Cheshire West and Cheshire Council voted 9 to 1 against IGAS returning to Ellesmere Port.  Four decisions in a row have gone the right way at Council level.

The crux is Kirby Misperton.  And Greg Clark.  At Westmonster.

It took two years in Southern Queensland before the problems began to manifest.  But they are now well known and universal.  Environmental damage followed by deaths and decline in the whole population’s health.  Tragic stories everywhere as in a war zone.

Ineos are being investigated for their environmental concerns, their cavalier attitude towards their employees.  A meeting at Strenshill just North of York.  Last night.  Given by Food and Water Watch.

At Formby, a meeting is being held tonight to investigate a fracking proposal.

1882 days have passed ( as of yesterday) when we have woken to a frack free morning.  If Greg Clark rejects the frack at Kirby Misperton, the industry will suffer a huge setback from which it might not recover.  If he succumbs to the pressure, then everyone must head up to Kirby Misperton, witness the event and drive the agenda to end this abomination from spreading across the North, which is the plan – to go coast to coast across Lancashire and Yorkshire.


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