100th Suffrage Anniversary. Melanie Shaw?

Bad grammar warning alert! … All day wimmin’ nerding on about suffragettin’. The BBC. So bleedin’ right-on politically correct. Still, interesting how today we are celebrating the bombings and radical extreme behaviour of women in the past. I still recall the recent interview with Hillary Clinton on Woman’s Hour. Where do you even begin analysing such a thing? Woman’s Hour; such a gender neutral platform eh. Hey all you persons with pussies – what about Melanie Shaw? Is her muff not good enough for you transgender female liberatin’ types? Excuse my tone, but…. so Theresa May Brexit, She May Not, are you just a bimbo or are you really just a downright cold hearted so and so? Does the name Melanie Shaw ring any of your suffragette bells? Just imagine, a discussion about Melanie Shaw on BBC Woman’s Hour… and pigs might fly.

Free Melanie Shaw!
Free Melanie Shaw!
Free Melanie Shaw!

Sexual identity and freedom of expression. Why can’t we simply implement common law when ever a human’s sovereign being is stolen, regardless of gender or race? But there we go, that’s me, the idealist. I might recommend ex satanist Mark Passio who addresses these issues rather well. Anyway, thought I’d have a little rant. Onto the latest, the wonderful, articulate, informative, polite, courteous, reasonable, exemplary, phantasmagorical UK Column…

The Russians are still coming – the BBC tell us so via a TV drama. The new UK UN council spokesperson says Assad are Syria are still evil and Matthew Handycock gets another mention. Oh Matt as you prefer to be called, you are starting to become so ridiculous it is becoming entertaining.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Advertising: not all bad…?
01:15 – Dow Jones fell 4.6% overnight, S&P 500 fell 4.1%
03:46 – 100th anniversary of Representation of The People act 1918
08:15 – New UK representative at UN: same rhetoric continues…
11:51 – BBC: Russian oligarchs in UK told to explain lifestyles
16:03 – Peter Mandelson refused to defend links to Russian defence
22:27 – Why you can trust the BBC…but 83% of the British public don’t
23:49 – Pew Research: only 50% of US public trust MainStream Media
29:51 – Bilderberg 2018: meeting in Turin, Italy in June
32:11 – Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Foreign Policy of Cities
36:57 – The future shift in democratic governance is on the horizon…
39:19 – Changing the Constitution by subversion is Treason
39:57 – Safer Internet Day: better internet for children…?
42:19 – Met Police whistleblower: given no help to make children safe


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