Why would the CIA want to control science?

 I don’t think that is hard to answer. The government doesn’t want private citizens or unsupervised university people discovering anything, because that would be dangerous. Suppose they discover the next new weapon? If they weren’t patriotic, they might try to keep it for themselves, causing “havoc”. For this reason, we may assume that physics was split after the war into real physics and physics for mass consumption. The best people were culled off the top of the physics departments, handpicked by insiders, and put to work for the military or industry.

Manhattan Project Veterans

Those with some perceived public relations skills, like those in wheelchairs or those with good hair or those who could write salable books or those who could speak well in public were drafted to lead fake physics. But they were instructed to stay off-topic. Don’t do any real physics. Don’t try to solve any real problems, even if they don’t at first seem to have any military application. Talk about airy, unprovable things like black holes and the first seconds of the universe and the edge of time and strings and vacuum fluctuations. As much as possible, push physics into sci-fi topics, since people love that stuff. Time travel and wormholes and backward causality. Study Star Trek and Star Wars for examples. Look at Asimov.

This has the added benefit of misdirecting those who can see through the fake physics and math. If they spend all their time responding to the absurdities of the fake physicists, they won’t spend any time actually solving physical problems. This will act as insurance that they never accidentally catch up with our boys in the military, or surpass them.

This would also explain the chorus of abuse that independent researchers run up against. The government doesn’t want any independent research because, again, it is dangerous. Those heckling the independent researchers don’t really care about protecting the fake physicists, since those guys are just a front. They are protecting the military physicists you don’t hear about, the ones doing the real work. Again, if the independent researchers spend their time arguing with internet trolls, they have less time to do actual work, and it is less likely they will discover anything our boys in the military haven’t already discovered.

So have the real physicists already discovered all the things I have written about? Maybe. I assume that all the real brains are hidden away somewhere—since they certainly aren’t in plain sight—so maybe they have already unwound everything I have and more. But possibly not. These guys are going to be kept very busy with applied physics, since it will be thought that new weapons are more likely to come out of applied physics than theoretical physics. In my experience, physicists pressed to create new hardware, software, or industrial products, including weaponry, are very unlikely to think to tear apart the old equations and start over. It probably won’t occur to them to tear apart Newton’s Principia like an old watch and rebuild it, as I have. It won’t occur to them to rebuild Laplace and Lagrange, comb Relativity from the ground up, or to look for mathematical flaws in QED or QCD. After all, I have done all that and haven’t yet developed a better pop-gun, so what do they care? They would say, “Give me something I can use.”

If that is the case, it also explains my freedom, and my lack of competition. The type of problems I am working on apparently only interest scientific purists, and we are a dying breed, it would seem.

Just getting to the end of this paper leaves me thinking, “Of course physics has been diverted by the government. It was diverted by the Manhattan Project and never un-diverted. How could you have missed this for so long?” Which leads me to two other realizations. One, a lot of mid-level physicists in the universities apparently haven’t yet had this epiphany that I just had. It appears that only the top physicists are “encouraged” to misdirect the field, and the field just goes along with it. This suits the

government just fine, because it limits those they have to control. The government controls the top, and the top controls the middle, and so on. Two, if mainstream physics is is utter misdirection, then I don’t have to waste any more time debating it. If you debate propagandists, you are just falling for their tricks. After all, how can you debate something like virtual particles? As I said before, you don’t debate physicists who start talking about virtual particles, you boot them out of the lab as a nuisance. I suggest the mid-level physicists at the universities do just that. I can’t be bothered to sully my boots.

Finally, I suggest that I have uncovered a fantastic journalism project here, if there are any real reporters left in the world. Operation Mockingbird was eventually uncovered by Deborah Davis and Carl Bernstein and others. This Operation Ostrich, where the biggest brains in physics are taken permanently underground after the Manhattan Project, would be an even bigger nut to crack. Piecing together a bunch of disparate facts like I have done will start the stone rolling, but the theory won’t be proved until we get what these previous reporters got: interviews or documents. Research like that isn’t really my forté or interest, so unless someone dumps some documents in my lap, I will probably leave it to others.

*http://old.disinfo.com/archive/pages/article/id1415/pg2/index.html or Deborah Davis, Katharine the Great. 1979
** “The CIA and the Media”, Carl Bernstein, Rolling Stone, 1977



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    My recent accidental meeting with a Vietnam War-era ‘medical pathologist’ and some of the awesome pathogens he helped create.


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