Why did early cultures glorify only Venus as a goddess?

We have now completed “Discourses on an Alien Sky #33: The Prehistoric Mother Goddess.”  The episode explores the prehistoric origins of the mother goddess image in a spectacular gathering of planets close to Earth. Among just five visible planets today, why did early cultures the world over glorify ONLY Venus as a goddess? Since the beginnings of astronomy, no one working with common opinion ever answered that question. But we intend to offer a convincing answer as this series develops while addressing many other questions as well.

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~Dave Talbott and Team

In the above video David Talbott refers constantly to ‘the later polar configuration’ when the planets assumed a linear pole to pole position, with earth at the end, then Mars, then Venus, then Saturn, which hid Jupiter and others due to its size.  Yet the others were also aligned into a straight line out of sight.  This he and Walter Thornhill deduced from observing the rock drawings and shaping of art forms created by ancient civilisations.  Thornhill used his awareness of plasma behaviour and patterns to explain what the shapes signify.

The video above looks at an even earlier time when ancient artwork tells of a yet another sky, other plasma patterns – toroidal shapes around Venus – as planets exchanged electrical charge with each other.  This is from a much older period.  The polar configuration was possibly from about 10,000 or maybe 20,000 years ago.   No evidence of any solar input from our current sun can be found in the works of all the observers of the ancient skies.  Earth received sufficient heat from Saturn, the former sun, to sustain life, which is the real meaning of names like Chronos, El, Ra – which many wrongly believe to be words for the current sun.  Amen Ra is more probably the absent Saturn, and the name Allah is derived from El.  For those discussions read Ralph Ellis.

The below video describes what the sky was like during the polar configuration.  As David Talbott always says, there is nothing to fear.


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