When Will The Mainstream Media Grow Up?

When will the mainstream media grow-up? Not anytime soon. When will Brexit happen? Not at all?!
Mostly Brexit farce, but kicks off with Trump’s wonderful Fake News Awards.
UK Column News – 18th January 2018
Published on 18 Jan 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Fake News: Donald Trump’s list in the headlines
05:25 – The smokescreen of normality: Brexit is a scam
06:14 – Franco British Council: undermining British Sovereignty
23:45 – Nigel Farage busy destroying UKIP…Hague calls for disbanding
25:21 – PFI and PF2: capital value £60bn, cost to the taxpayer £199bn…
27:49 – RBS: hanging their customers…?
29:48 – Rt. Hon David Gauke: defending independent judiciary & rule of law
33:19 – Prime Minister (temporary replacement) bill 2017-2019…
36:34 – Grenfell Tower: housing boss quits six months after tragedy


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