Poisoning dogs? Let’s see the vet’s report to prove Next Level Security’s tripe.

Two years ago most people didn’t get fracking, and protection campers faced resistance from locals.  Not any more.  Local people threatened by fracking are calling them up and asking them for help.

Misson Springs.  Write to Nottinghamshire County Council and object to a frack being planned next to a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  This is a national issue which warrants anyone writing to the Planning Officers at Nottinghamshire County Council.

The developers keep their hand hidden.  They claim they will be careful of environmental issues.  They offer little payments like £400 a household to quieten opposition.  But if they ever get a foothold,  their full Satanic programme is unleashed, ruthlessly pushing all opposition to the side, as water, soil and air is poisoned.  It’s funny how perpetrators usually accuse others of their own methods.

Third Energy at Kirby Misperton should be dissolved.  No filing of accounts for two years.  The British Government is permitting them to operate in bankruptcy.  Barclays Bank are funding the environmental attack on Britain.

Next Level Security Services at Kirby Misperton are fabricating stories of dog poisoning.

Ian Crane says to Derek Laird, owner of Next Level – ‘let’s see the vet’s report.’  No sign of it of course.  Fabricated story.  Lies.  Nice coming from a company whose business is meant to be security.

Nottinghamshire Police are behaving quite well at Misson Springs so far.  Don’t hold your breath.  Head of Nottinghamshire Police is highly regarded, but maybe he’ll receive instructions from a much higher level.  Time to start slow walking vehicles out of the site.  Inwards not being slow walked after Police request.

Get down to the camps in person.  More funds also needed especially at Misson Springs.  Go to www.frackingnightmare.com

At the Lincolnshire. Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire tri-border.


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