UK devastation – full steam ahead

The Crane Report.

The NHS is being dismantled.  Jeremy Hunt is working hand in glove with Common Purpose, a charity whose aim is the destruction of civil society within Britain.  Hunt wants Social Care responsibility added to his portfolio.

‘It’s like putting Jimmy Savile in charge of child care,’ says Ian C.

Britain imports 50% of our food.  If we devastate large tracts of prime farmland across the UK, we will  not even get 50% of our own food.  That is of course part of the plan.  People are being driven out of the rural areas deliberately.  Agenda 21.  If the land is contaminated, it will help drive people out of the countryside.

Research it yourself.

Eric Blair (George Orwell) wrote 1984 to warn people of the risks of right wing totalitarian government.  He had read Technology Inc.  and was warning everyone else.  The technology now exists for the totalitarian state to put 1984 into practice.

Animal Farm was extreme left wing totalitarianism.

Common Purpose is a combination of the two – the left and the right.  You are a human resource at the disposal of the corporatocracy.

Ineos is behaving as if the Transatlantlic Trading Partnership was already in place.  They are suing the Scottish Government for not giving Jim Ratcliffe permission to frack Scotland.

Britain is subject to EU rule since 1972.  Will Brexit happen?  Some are trying to delay it.  Others are doing all they can to destroy the social fabric of the country, to make British people desperate to get back in to the EU.

All the companies like IGas are hoping that Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos will buy them out.  If you’re holding stocks like IGas, sell them or lose your stake.  These are the twilight years of the hydrocarbon driven economy.  OPEC will drop price to keep fracking uneconomic.

Kirby Misperton is on tenterhooks.  Will this be the start of the destruction of UK’s countryside?  One can only hope Greg Clark has done his homework and realises how great the destruction will be.  Pad construction is starting at other sites near Kirby Misperton.

The people of these areas need all the support they can get to shut down this pernicious industry, and stop thee drill bits from getting into the ground.  For six years the frackers have been stopped from even getting one drill in Britain.  In Wales, Scotland and Ireland fracking has been stopped.  They’re on the back foot.  The struggle to stop them needs to be finished.

If you can contribute some funds to assist with the costs of setting up the new camp at Missen Springs please do so.  Come down and join us.



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