Trust Me I’m A Journalist

UK mainstream media trusted less than Nigeria’s mainstream media.
What Works? More Collectivist bolix…. a change in the way the UK is governed. Mind Space man, yeah, changing people’s views… i.e. bolix. Can you explain the meaning of an independent charity?
David Cameron’s Big Society coming to the fore… and our journalists are clueless.
Elton John, Stella McCartney and Kate Blanchett were all attendees at Davos 2018. What a bloody relief; they’ll all save the world! Klaus Schwab talks about what it is to be human. Yeah, right. GMO enzyme burgers served up to Davos attendees. Run hide tell! Capita continue to milk the taxpayer.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update, including:
START – The Economist: Trust me, I’m a journalist – Trump hit piece…?
02:10 – UK now a ‘World-leader in application of evidence in policy…’
04:25 – Government Behavioural Insights Team – brainwashing the nation
11:35 – Cameron’s Big Society on steroids…democracy in danger
13:07 – Charity Commission: setting up a charity cartel
16:22 – Treason May in deep water: Tories ready for leadership contest
20:18 – Guardian: journalistic naivety – who is Anne McElvoy…?
23:56 – World Economic Forum founder and CEO – who is Klaus Schwab…?
28:02 – Transforming agriculture in Africa…or the secret GM agenda…?
33:19 – Domino’s Pizza company: now training ‘leaders’, redefining leadership
37:33 – UK asset-stripping: now it’s the turn of military housing
39:54 – EU defence procurement: Juncker Commission takes action…
42:33 – UK Column article: procurement rules laying bare the lies of Brexit
43:29 – MOD being scammed by Capita on recruitment
44:34 – Daily Mail: fake news on carrier leak…?


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