Carillion – total fracking collapse. Time to pull the plug, Greg.

Misson Springs protection campers wake up to freezing temperatures combined with snow and strong winds.  The very corner of North Nottinghamshire, North Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire is the target of a proposed frack right by a site of special scientific interest,  but this morning, the first agenda is just keeping warm.

Next item on the agenda is raising some money to help pay for the protection camp at Misson Springs.  Many are sending money via  

Please keep it coming.  (I sent £100 myself).

The Carillion collapse is linked to Third Energy, or rather Barclays Bank trading as Third Energy.  The Energy Minister must be aware of the links between these hopeless companies, desperate to get him to allow them to frack, purely for their own greed, without social responsibility.  More are getting into massive debt.  Here is malfeasance in the corporate sector.  Malfeasance in public office (The Oil & Gas Authority operation is explained in the video, as they skip the required planning procedures).  It’s all crooks in it together.

Crane gives the details.  No accounts published by Third Energy for 2016 – still after two years.  This is illegal. They should be being wound up by now. Third Energy has debts of near £100 million.

It’s always the taxpayer that picks up the bill.  Barclays will run and hide.Come on Greg Clark.  Pull the plug now.  Save the country billions.

Misson Springs –  Get your objection to this development into the Planning Officer now.  Anyone can do this as the site is right next the site of Special Scientific Interest.  You have one more day to save the rare birds, in particular rare breeds of owl, and their nesting sites.  These have been shown to have fewer eggs where they nest near oil and gas developments, and other knock on effects onto the health of the chicks.

IGas are trying to override the conditions set by Nottinghamshire County Council and carry on during the breeding season.  Crane gives the address to write to in the video.  This is crucial that you do this.

Come to that, Crane not only has the name of a bird as his own surname.  He is an extremely rare bird to boot.  Not many will be up well before dawn, day after day, year after year, sleeping in camps,  in all weathers, like Ian talking into his microphone and camera, fully on clip, hitting the internet with his news report at 8 o clock every morning like clockwork.

You could set your watch by him.  He sometimes says he’d be happier going to play golf, but he’ll spend as many years in the camps as it takes to shut down ‘this abomination of an industry down’.

On wintry days like today, he wears that furry pioneering hood, and battles the wind, his fingers turning numb.  He greatly deserves our support whether that be money for setting up the Misson Springs protection camp, or getting your boots on, and going down in person to one of the protection camps dotted around Britain.

These people are saving our land, water, air and the environment from the total abomination desired by companies like Ineos, Barclays Bank and other crooked organisations trying to slide the wealth from our pockets, and destroy people’s health across the North (and elsewhere).  The role of the Oil and Gas Authority, which is in fact a corporation not part of the government, as it pretends to be, is explained at 12 minutes onwards.

You don’t live in a Gasfield.  You die in one.  This, however, won’t be happening while Cranes still walk the earth.

The protection movement needs boots on the ground and cash to win this war against the organised killer criminals.  Your call.  We will only win if we work collectively, says Ian, each contributing in whatever way each of us feels we can.

Concern that construction noise at IGas Notts shale site will disturb breeding owls


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