Where’s Robin Hood?

The camps are busy.  The pallet castles are rising, flags flying.  Food is being cooked in the canteens, and the Merrie Men and Women are abuzz with talk of recent victories.

Rotherham went the right way and the decision at Ellesmere Port.

Greg Clark, Minister for Business and Energy, is clearly alarmed by the state of Barclays Bank’s finances, T/A Third Energy, with debts of around £100 million, few sources of income, and accounts from two years ago still not filed.  How big a horror story is to be revealed in these accounts?  Is this to be Carillion Part 2?

The anti-frackers are waiting to pounce if Greg Clark is mad enough to let this disaster of a business get a foothold – most notably at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.  The Merrie Men and Women have plenty of reserves waiting to walk into the Forest and fight if the war goes live.

But where is Robin Hood (played by Ian R Crane)?

The Sheriff’s men are not appearing at the camps these last two days.  Robin’s not been seen either.  Is there a truce?  Or is he on a secret mission to extract Maid Melanie from her imprisonment by the Sheriff’s men in Nottingham and Derby jails.   Melanie has been revealing what the Sheriff and his cronies been doing to kids in Nottinghamshire children’s homes.  The Sheriff has, in return had her put away and kept in solitary confinement inside his dungeons these last two years without anyone knowing what she’s being charged with – through secret courts.  It’s time Robin Hood got her out.  I am sure he will be doing all he can.

(danceaway says:

Is Melanie back at Styal? Social services personally refused entry by governor; highly unusual. Listen to UKColumn news today, 31/01, at the very end of broadcast. MP’s disavowing responsibility. Melanie’s MP is Chris Leslie. chris.leslie@ukparliament.uk)

Thomas Stanley Earl Of Derby

The councillors at Derby have made a big mistake by not throwing out Ineos and letting the decision go to public enquiry.  The corruption only gets worse the higher you go in the hierarchy of power.  Lord Derby and his relatives (Ridleys, Stanleys) are the richest family in England.  They acquired vast lands from Henry VIIIth when he dissolved the monasteries.  They had earlier installed Henry VIIth and the Tudors as their ‘people’ on the throne in the first place.  The Derbys/Stanleys/Ridleys themselves have lesser titles than King or Duke preferring to keep out of the limelight a la famille Rothschild.

The Derbys are crypto-Jews.  They ‘owned’ the Tudors, and controlled the Shakespeare play-writing committee of Marlow, Derby, Bacon and De Vere, all of whom were relatives and friends.  Now, with their fortune falling behind those of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, they can see big money to be made from fracking, and see it as a way to restore their former glory.  Hydrocarbons are their next attempt to regain the heights, but it’s doomed to fail.

Their current family head Sir Matt Ridley, formerly Chair,an of Northern Rock, is the one pushing fracking the hardest in the media.  Owen Paterson MP, husband of Rose Ridley, and Matt’s brother in law was the Minister pushing fracking the hardest in Parliament under David Cameron as Minister for DEFRA, until he was unseated by an anti-fracking campaign in his own constituency.

Make no mistake.  Big money is working its way in Derby as well as powerful local influence to get behind this abomination.  The Sheriff Of Nottingham has allies there he can draw support from to advance his own campaign to destroy the lands of the peasantry, and drive them into the slums and sink estates of his cities.  That way he too can accumulate more gold, and one day outshine the Rothschilds.

However, he and the Ridleys hadn’t counted on the arrival of Robin Hood and the Merrie Men and Women on the scene four years ago.  Living in the Forest,  Robin and his Men are determined to save the people, and stop the destruction of their lands and homes.  They fire electronic truth weaponry at the muddled-up chickenshit goons in yellow jackets, and stop the tracked environment-killing vehicles from getting onto the land.

Robin will be back in the Forest tomorrow,  the trees are telling us.   Always ask the trees if you need to know something.   They too need saving from the toxic campaigns of Britain’s super richest families, same as ordinary people do.

Here below is Robin Hood’s finest truth weapon – where he tells all about what these evil crypto-Jewish imposters intend for their peasants and their lands.  Listen to their voices, the people whose lives and lands have already been destroyed and hear the crying of the trees.

Sheriff of Nottingham steals property at Misson Springs, outside Doncaster.





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