The mass arrest of elite globalists fantasy

Are there going to be mass arrests and prosecutions of the elite?

Dr. Dave Janda, a radio host and a patriot who is a Washington outsider with insider contacts, says, “I believe that it’s going to happen, and I know people are saying that it’s pure fantasy and that it’s just not going to happen. . . . One of most effect control mechanisms is the human trafficking pedophile situation.

The media won’t report on this because they are part of it . . . . Look at the CIA’s Operation Mocking Bird where they have infiltrated every aspect of the media to deliver the globalist message. They are complicit in it.”

TAP – We’ve heard all this before of course.   It’s curious to hear it doing the rounds once more.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  I suppose it’s worth a listen for a minute or two.  It’s based on the Trump Executive Order, which is supposedly targeting pedophiles and human trafficking.  More likely it could be evidence of warring between the elites.    The interviewee talks of a ‘reset’ of the system, hardly the revolution to end the secret deep state, more like a bit of window dressing, claiming these people are going to be tidied up.

Janda’s reset converts from a political/judicial reset into a financial reset at about 30 minutes.  Very pacy interview, lots of great sounding phrases, lots of claimed insider knowledge but nothing of substance to report as per usual.  Get back to sleep.


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